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Summer. Sometimes it's incredible how boring can be one of my holiday days. Don't get me wrong: it's just so hot in the street that sometimes you just want to be at home doing nothing, or spend the whole day at the computer, so nothing interesting happens.

But yesterday was totally different. I don't know what happened but suddenly it began to arrive mails, collaboration inquiries and tons of things to do. One of the most exciting things of the day? The arrival of my white kimono from Benavente, via YOUNIQUE.ES (do you remember this post about their launch party?). Best of all? Younique team came home personally to make the delivery which was very sweet! The packaging was lovely (it came on a white box with a ribbon) and the blouse is even more charming in person :)

kimono, vlc loves design, benavente, fashion kimono in white, younique, emerging designers from valencia spain, somethingfashion
Second exciting thing of the day? Two blogging communities that have featured Something Fashion have been added into the PRESS page. Those are and LOOK 10. Thank you so much for the support and encouragement, and also to blogadictas team, who wrote an awesome, high quality post about the blog. Thanks to your help folks, this site every day becomes bigger and bigger!

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featured, something fashion, fashion blog

Doodles I've been working on lately: it comes from a Tim Walker photograph (below). I've been totally dying about fashion illustration lately. This is also my traveling kit for NY against boredom.

illustration, fashion illustration, stairway, tim walker photography inspired illustration, watercolor fashion

tim walker fashion photography, long blue dress, illustration, fashion on stairs, fashion picture

New watch from the 30 years of Swatch, ''Swatch EST. 1983''. As I always wear the same watch, it was time to get a new one to change a bit. And finally, something to eat. Who doesn't like cheese and ham paninis?

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paninis, food recipe, italian paninis pizza sandwich healthy

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