The ultimate way to wear your vintage inspired outfit

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So, happy summer to all of you! I can't believe classes are over and I'm one year closer on officially turning an Architect. Summer is finally here and I can't wait to set my foot on the swimming pool, settle at the beach place and start doing all the things I couldn't do during the year (blogging is of course, one of them). Sewing, drawing, shooting new outfits and ideas are already on my summer plan. Any ideas and activities will be welcomed!

Today I'm doing my best on showing you the ultimate way and tips on how to wear your vintage inspired outfit. I'm aware on some people don't willing to wear something thrifted or coming from vintage and second hand stores because someone wore it before, but it's OK! You don't have to wear something necessarily coming from a second hand store, or spend a million bucks to achieve an unique, slightly coming from another era look without looking costumey.

Here I'm giving you some tips you may use:

  • Accessories. Earrings, necklaces, sunglasses or even buttons are the best way on getting started with vintage! You may have some really cool, true vintage accessories at home you can borrow from your grandma. Today's outfit is a great example on how to look super retro when the only piece being actually vintage are the accessories (earrings and necklace). Tired of your regular, plain white shirt? Revamp it with some old, huge and super 80's buttons!

How to style your wooden watch with JORD

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Keeping track of time, and being aware of my watch is my daily habit. I can't live without wearing my watch everywhere I go: being late is not the most polite thing, and time is something wannabe-architects like me must get the most out of.

So, when I was offered to review this wooden watch brought to you by JORD, and also show you the most fashionable and trendy way to wear your wood watch this coming summer, I couldn't say no! There's plenty of available shapes, colors and styles, both women and men watch models, so picking one was very difficult. JORD (which means "land" and "Earth" in Swedish) timeless pieces are made by designers, artists and watch smiths featuring the best craftsmanship techniques and natural materials as bamboo, maple, sandalwood, blackwood or cherry, just to name a few. As I've been lately enrolled into the most inimaginable, crazy daily field work routines (ideating, drawing and picking plans from one place to another, and building 3D models from scratch are some of them) I needed the most comfortable, neutral and easy to pair with my go-to outfits wood watch. Then I thought the Fieldcrest in Natural Green would be the perfect match to my boyfriend jeans and lace crop top. I've been also wearing my new wood watch for college, as its sphere is super big to see the time left at exams, which is fantastic.
The Fieldcrest came on a lovely wood box matching the watch, I thought the packaging was lovely and matched the brand perfectly, and the delivery was super quick!

As I said, last days have been pure craziness of planning, design and final touches at work, so the most comfy shoes and outfit of the world were the only thing I was in the mood for. Luckily, there's only one week to go and I'll be finally enjoying holidays, showing you the best summer outfit ideas! 

BEHIND THE DESIGN: Elvira 't Hart, Out of Line

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When I first met Elvira 't Hart designs I could do nothing but feel amazed at the idea behind the whole line and the particular performance process.
Elvira is a fashion designer and illustrator based in Utrecht, Netherlands. She absolutely loves drawing and sketching, her work has been featured on several expositions and fashion fairs in Paris and Milan, international magazines and also worn by Lady Gaga! Just a little hint of the talent I'm talking to you about today.

elvira t' hart drawing sketches fashion design, emerging designers wowcracy collaboration, fashion blogger valencia somethingfashion, wearable drawings out of line, lady gaga outfit design creative, 2015 fashion wearable trendy style new black and white

elvira t' hart drawing sketches fashion design, emerging designers wowcracy collaboration, fashion blogger valencia somethingfashion, wearable drawings out of line, lady gaga outfit design creative, 2015 fashion wearable trendy style new black and white

The architect who forced to dress as he wanted to

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(Nova Shoes designed by Zaha Hadid in collaboration with brand United Nude)

Sometimes I think I learn tons of things at the School of Architecture, except how to do architecture. I promise: the weirdest things you could never imagine, the most unbelievable situations, the most curious speeches, I've learnt them all at college. And there's still some years for me to go, so this has just started.
One of the anecdotes I talked above has a lot to do with fashion. I needed to tell you, because when I heard of it, I though it was so fun and rare that I was in need of sharing it.

Nowadays is not a weird thing having a multidisciplinary job which can be based on different disciplines and combine the best of several professions. I've met artists converted into makeup-artists, but also financial and marketing experts who have come to the dark side and are now designing websites. Industrial designers who illustrate books at nighttime. And why not, architects (some of them known all over the world, and considered the best creating buildings) who have decided to transfer their talent at creation into clothes and accessories. Without going any further, Rem Koolhas and Zaha Hadid launched some time ago a pair of shoe collections collaborating with famous brands and shoe designers. Gianni Versace studied architecture, as Gianfranco Ferré and Pierre Balmain, who didn't finish the degree because he wanted to focus on his career at Haute Couture. But 120 years ago, this was not so simple: if you studied something, odds were that was your profession for life.

Hot pink biker

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I can't believe we're in the middle of May and we just suffered the most terrible and suffocating heat wave just two days ago. Almost 50ºC at noon in Valencia, which is even a weird temperature at August. Incredible! Thanks I've been mostly stuck at home finishing my project and homework (you can see some sneak peaks at my Instagram account and Facebook page as well) for the last weeks. Not that I'm fond of not seeing sunlight for great periods of time but, sometimes when it's too warm outside, being on workaholic mood helps a little bit.

So. We shot this outfit about a month ago when it wasn't too warm outside and cherry trees just started blossoming around the city. If there's a thing I love about Valencia it's that downtown streets are mostly covered by trees and it's quite pleasuring walking there in Spring. I'm glad I finally found my perfect hot pink biker jacket to match them! I've been looking for one like it for many years, but hot pink it's not like the most natural, average color when it comes to leather jackets... So, thanks to Coach New York I found the final one for me! Thanks to its color it looks truly girly, but the material and shape makes it super relaxed. I feel like an scoundrel!

I paired it with this vintage, rhinestone clip earrings I found on a thrift store at Salamanca. I usually prefer wearing omega clip earrings, as I feel them more assured on my ears (kind of crazy, isn't it?) and they're way difficult to get lost or fall in case they got snagged with clothing or scarfs or anything. But this ones are like the perfect match for my ears, and I even feel in the mood of wearing them everyday! That's why I think jewelry pieces are such a personal issue, not only talking about shapes and colors, but also talking about how they fit and how comfortable you feel wearing some pieces.

Leaving you on my way to final exams and new projects coming hopefully soon! Good luck everyone with your prom days, final exams and tests, and remember to stay tuned at the social media if you want to hear something from me on coming weeks.
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