Bimba y Lola black dress - Late update

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I'm currently living my first Summer ever at the city. As some of you might know, I haven't been really around here due to work. Yep! After distributing my CV and forms all over the place, I was called last-hour for an internship at an architecture office here in Valencia (already told you about that in last post), cancelling all the possible plans and things I had in mind for holidays. But it's OK! Doing a two-month internship on a studio is something I've been looking forward this last year, and I find it very suitable and appropriate for this stage of my career to keep learning and take my head out of Architecture School a little bit when it comes to real world. So, I'm not only learning tons of things everyday but also having a great time (although I really, really hate to get up early every day).

That being said. Spending my weeks at the city and only weekend time at beach town has allowed me to redistribute my routines and schedules on a more efficient way. Week is for work, weekend for leisure. Although I've spent some days with terrible headaches, sleeping endless naps in the afternoon until early evening once I'm at home (life happens when you spend your mornings in front of a black computer screen), I've started fulfilling my schedules and marking down pending issues on my TO-DO lists. Including that article I have to finish before September 5th for a Conference. At least I've started writing. Lovely, isn't it?
Meanwhile, I spend my weekends doing SUP surf (sure you've seen my first steps at Instagram) and being a master couch potato when I'm not spending endless mornings at the swimmingpool. Then, once again Monday will come and I'll be getting up early for work.

So, what is your Summer being like? Are you on couch potato mode as well?
Tell me on the comments below!

valencia spain fashion blogger, bimba y lola, somethingfashion

Palazzo in pink

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Summer is usually a synonym of holidays. But not this year for me! I've been keeping really, really busy lately as my classes ended pretty late (only a week ago, which is super rare taking into consideration last year I finished classes and exams almost June 10th) and I've been called to work as intern on a local architecture studio!
Everything has been pretty rushed; I had to cancel plans and a trip as I was called only three or four days ago, and I'm not sure I'll even put a feet on the sand this year, but... It's exciting to be finally working on something I'm studying and working hard everyday on. I'm looking forward on giving the best of me and learn as much as possible these coming months, and hopefully, also apply the gained knowledge to fashion and share it on blog posts for you all.

It's fun because I never had the chance to really dress for work, but now I have the opportunity to. It's a total challenge for me, as I love wearing bright colors and somehow risky pieces which wouldn't be suitable for an office work on a pretty formal ambient (not even talking about ground and site visits, which I hope I can take part on soon). Somehow it's fun at the Architecture School, where everybody knows that I like to show my personality with clothes and use fashion as a tool to express myself; even if they all wear black, greys and neutrals. But this is kind of different. So, I hope I can learn as much as I'm able to, not only talking about architecture and paperwork, but also how to behave in a professional environment. (Tips appreciated!)

I was also planning to start a very special project related to fashion and architecture, talking about interior design, catwalks configurations and window dressing among others. These two passions that I have and that share so many aspects. But now that I'm with the internship, I'm not really sure how much time I'll left to that! I will let you know, as always, and although I might be not around here a lot, you know you can always keep in touch with me through social channels! Say hi to me at Twitter and Instagram.

valencia fashion blogger spain somethingfashion vlc moda vintage streetstyle 2016 spainbloggers_0133

Behind the design: Anastasia - EcoThiQue

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Anastasia - EcoThiQue. Sometimes it truly feels like the Universe aligns to bring you the most unexpected experiences. As I love getting involved on every project and every new idea, both related to personal to professional-related fields, I was looking for a new way to get involved into something exciting when I found about Workkola. Workkola is a brand new Spanish-based startup which aims to connect College students with startups related to their educational field or interest. The startup chosen by the student gives him a task to accomplish inside the company; offering in return a recommendation at LinkedIn, a letter of recommendation or even the possibility to enroll the startup as part of the team.

So, that's how I discovered today's main character here at the "Behind the Design" section at the blog. Anastasia - EcoThiQue is a Colombian based company created in the wake of two truly laudable goals: to make something profitable out of tons of textile waste (T-shirt collars, wrong-dyed fabrics and textile leftovers which is a real problem) and to help a community of mothers in charge of disabled child. Did you know that more than 32,5kg of textile is wasted per person, a year? And that more than a 48% of it might be reusable for good?

I got the chance to talk with María del Mar, Anastasia's CEO and founder and have a glimpse of the hard work they do everyday. Anastasia - EcoThiQue helps those mothers by including them at their production chain of handcrafted clutches, handbags and accessories made out of textile leftovers, which ends on an unique and colorful product. A fashion company is much more than catwalks and great design: there's a lot of management, talks and meetings with producers, with the community in this particular case, with future stockists and vendors... Being a contributor helped me have a little look on how hard it is to coordinate everything and everyone as an orchestra director, to obtain a final product to sell, which has to have an impact on the public to keep growing.
Anastasia has also worked hard on keeping a lovely and very attractive image on their main social network which is their Instagram official account , full of colorful images featuring artists and fashion bloggers carrying their handbags on unique photomontages.

fashion blogger spain valencia, anastasia ecothique social eco-friendly fashion, clutch handbag sustainablefashion

fashion blogger spain valencia, anastasia ecothique social eco-friendly fashion, clutch handbag sustainablefashion

Why I wear vintage

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Half of my closet is made out of vintage, second hand or thrifted items. Now that I'm partially back as I'm mostly finished with exams, tasks and projects, I've taken this weekend as two days not exactly of vacation, but two days of pure break to come back to reality, organise my bedroom which I left on chaos and rescue some non-architectural projects I had on stand-by mode. Thanks to that I discovered that I keep tons of clothes I rarely wear, and most of them are vintage or come from second hand, as this blue poplin dress which I bought at La Señora Henderson.

That put me on a meditation mode on why I like so much wearing and buying vintage clothes. If you've been reading Something Fashion for awhile, you might already know that vintage is one of the main pillars at this fashion blog among young designers and street style made in Valencia. I still remember one of the first vintage pieces I ever bought, which was this black handbag from an online store called "Gelolas". Now my closet is full of hand sewn, thick jersey cotton dresses and bags from all shapes, colors and materials. But, why do I (and the rest of the world should) consume so much vintage? Here are some of the reasons running on my mind about the topic:

  • Vintage it's the most original thing, EVER. Because let's be serious... Who likes attending to a party and finding that you're wearing the same attire as other 3 or 4 guests just because you got it at the trendiest shop in town? It's no fun for sure. Instead of that, buying vintage you make sure you and only you will end up wearing an unique piece which might have been made years ago on a small amount of production.

  • It helps promote local and proximity commerce. Although there're also large brands and stores running vintage stores worldwide, the best vintage shops can be found downtown, at the oldest part of your city or the coolest seasonal or themed markets. Shopping vintage helps small owners and emerging companies, as well as contributing to the local economy.

  • It's more affordable than regular shopping. There are also high-end vintage and second hand stores focused only on luxury goods around, with higher prices, international brands and pre-owned items which are near to new, but those are just punctual spots I stop by to shop for any holiday gift, look for an item I saw years ago and couldn't afford or make a little self-indulge. No, no. My favourites are those where you can get lost in between racks the whole morning and where you are able to smell the years and stories of the fabrics.

  • It's an ecology matter.  Whenever you shop for vintage or pre-owned clothing, you're helping the environment because you're recycling! For every item of clothing made out of scratch, there're huge quantities of fuel, chemical substances as dyes and toxics involved. You're helping use less resources for the clothing you're wearing, because you're using something that has already been used for a while, but manufactured once.

  • Quality and sizing. Thanks to the closet re-organization I talked to you at the beginning of this posts, I was able to see how the sizes of the clothes I own have varied among the years, although I've been having the same weight (well, more or less. You get it) and body shape for years since I was a teenager. What once was an XS (I wore an XS with 103cm of hip circumference!) is today an Europe M-L, no kidding!
    Instead, usually vintage clothing was made to last, so there's no problem on having enough room and fabric to make some fixes.

  • The story behind the seams. Sometimes you are lucky enough to know the stories behind the clothes you are wearing, which doesn't happen with modern manufactured clothing. The lady who ordered that lace jacket for her daughter's wedding or even things as your grandma being the first woman ordering a ladies suit with a pencil skirt on the main men's tailor shop of your city (true story) are some of the experiences I get everytime I put on vintage.

something fashion, blogger valencia spain, vintage la señora henderson, streetstyle 2016, blue shirt dress, how to style vintage, why wear vintage, dolce & gabbana sunglasses flowers

Chapelle Magazine at SOLO MAN Valencia

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Photos by Smashing Films and ChapelleMagazine

Valencia, last 29th April at Mercado de Tapinería. You know I'm always in vogue on what's happening around in my city: I always love to be involved on presentations and events, specially if there are young designers and creatives coming to show their newest pieces and ideas. It's incredible how many things happen on a city like Valencia if you're careful and hear for the right signals. There's fashion and great design on every corner here, both coming from traditional ways and their rich silk patterns or the freshest, sometimes crazy creations of local fashion and art students. I'm happy to know that I live in a city where being creative and having tons of ideas is awarded, and that you can walk into an event or presentation like this promoted by my friends at Chapelle Magazine & Mercado de Tapinería (which is a really cool place downtown where emerging, limited markets and stores or festivals happen some days per month) to get a glimpse of the newest trends.

Designers from Valencia and around were invited to take part into this presentation of the Special for Men #4 issue, "We can be kings" filled with music and snacks, a nice ambient and activities like a performance, the projection of a fashion film and a catwalk involving the pieces of VURE, Sebastian Chavarriaga, Móler, BlueBlue Chihuahua among others.

As always, it's nice to take part into this events to meet new people who loves what you love. Be involved!

VLC valencia SOLO MEN mercado tapineria chapelle magazine somethingfashion, spain spanish fashion blogger style moda desfile catwalk, event presentation bloggers collaboration
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