Inspiration: Industrial design

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While some people are usually afraid of running out of inspiration, I always like to go and search for muses myself. That quick. They won't always come to you as you have to go look after them. And as they say "inspiration exist, but it has to find you working".

It may sound weird, but I'm thankful to my career (and also the blog!) for requiring me being looking for new stuff and inspiration every day. Specially if it comes on images or by graphic material, it's really boosting to create ideas not from zero, but from something I saw before and it's been stored on my brain. It can be anything: a pattern, a drawing, a picture, texture or color scheme. Sometimes it's amazing how a textile or design can give me ideas about a new architecture project I'm taking, or viceversa. That's the reason behind my Pinterest account where I store everything I like... Just in case, you know.

For those of you who don't have an account, or follow me yet, I've though about posting some inspiration posts featuring some images about a topic once or twice a month. I'm sure it'll be fun! You can also help me by sending your inspiration pics, topic ideas or whatever you want at You know I'm always up to propositions and sharing ideas! I thought a dose of industrial design featuring white, wood and clear lines would be a nice option to begin with this series. What do you think about it?

5 (annoying) things I've heard as a blogger

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It's been almost 5 years now that I started blogging, and I can say I've seen and heard almost everything when it comes to fashion and this subject which is having a blog. Let's be honest: I'm not a superstar fashion blogger who gets featured on high, lifestyle super known magazines and Valencia is a tiny city compared to New York or Los Angeles. Maybe those are main reasons why the blogging thing is mostly unknown by people around here, and it is also the kind of place where people stares at you awkwardly when you're shooting outfit pictures in the middle of any street. It used to bother me a bit, but now I don't really care and I always try to explain my hobby to anyone who asks about it.

So, the last purpose of this post is to bother anyone, but to face some of the things that nobody explained to me when I decided to share what I loved on a blog, and encourage all of you to keep working on all your projects whatever they're about and whatever might happen. Let's take this as a fun, constructive way to face and solve some facts that come when you become that thing named as fashion blogger.

Did some of the following ever happened to you? What sort of things bother you being a blogger?

  • Why do you write in English if you live in Spain and speak spanish on a regular basis?
This project started the first time I traveled to the US to improve my English, so I thought it could be nice not only to improve my speaking but also my writing. Talking about what I loved, liked or inspired me would become my motivation to master a language I was learning. Then the blog became bigger and I realized writing in English allowed me to not only gain more readers, but also to understand and be understood by a large following I couldn't have achieved if I only wrote in my mother language.

Goodies: dot booties

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Stuck again into exams and work. This whole thing is getting hard, I recognize. Holidays are still on my mind and every time I have to put my mind into work I just think about sleeping and having some spare time to read, watch movies or go to trainings. Hopefully, February is almost here guys!

This booties came home the last time I surfed the Internet for some pre-sales. This dotty black and white ones came from Kling, a brand I discovered last time I went to Madrid and which has this cute, pink atmosphere but has really unique clothing. They have this super high heel, but still are really comfortable and easy to walk in, so maybe they will come with me to College someday. This really reminds me of the "How to wear: ankle boots" post and I would like to know if you followed some of the tips there to wear your booties this season! Leave your link to your picture, post or blog wearing ankle boots and spread the word.

What would you pair this booties with?

Brown ruffle dress

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Shame on me I haven't been able to return to Place Valencia since the day we shot this pictures. Seriously, they've been throwing tons of really cool parties and events, but every one of them has always ended into one of my full weeks of total craziness and work-work-work thing, and it just hasn't happened to even stop there. I was really looking forward to go and say hi and look what's new around with the winter season, there's always something new almost every day at Place!

Last set of pictures shot in collaboration wearing this light chocolate dress from El andén de Marie Jo and accessories from Bohemismo, Mira en el armario and Colette. Wearing also the most beautiful and becoming makeup ever thanks to MªJosé at KENTO, who helped me with some tips on how to wear eye and lip makeup. I think this ended up as a super productive morning and I'm also glad you liked how the "winter/fall outfit dress-up" thing came. This kind of collaborations are always really inspiring because you have to improvise a lot to shoot and find locations, but also you get to know a lot of nice people and also what's the fashion scene (the REAL fashion scene) around your city :) It's always fun to do, and I'm also glad to know you find inspiration of every picture I post around here.

I'm happy you got to know some things about this cool corner in Valencia and I really encourage you to go and say hi if you ever come to the city! I'm sure you'll love it.

something fashion blogger valencia spain fashion, place valencia streetstyle vintage jewelry

Personalized scarf VS. Initial wrap blanket

something fashion burberry wrap coat initials personalized scarf cara delevigne spain valencia style blog

I don't like to wear what everybody else is wearing. Don't get me wrong, but I'm really pissed of when something becomes "trendy" and then you go out of home and you can see that item worn more than a hundred times a day. Seriously, where's the originality? I'm not going to blame on anyone, no brand or thing (aside the one you'll see below, and which is there because it's very related to today's outfit...) but I'm sure you've have spotted at least once "the piece". There's one or two almost every year or every season and you'll recognize it because as I said, everybody is wearing it.

This wrap scarf-coat-cape-blanket from Burberry made it stellar appearance back in the 2014 Fall-Winter collection (was it september 2013? I don't even know, time goes by so quick!) and suddenly, Olivia Palermo and some celebrities started wearing their sort-of-plaid capes with their initials on it. By then I don't remember exactly, but I read an article on a fashion magazine that featured some "personalized" clothing pieces as the next trend. The blanket-cape was there of course, but also there were some clutches, passport covers and some gift ideas which included your name on it. It was a nice idea to make something you were wearing really unique, but that cape and everybody wearing it just pulled me back.

So, then my mum had this amazing idea. It was in summer when we started looking for thin wool scarves as crazy as we were. Once found, we took them to the local embroider near home. I used to take there some shirts to embroider my initials or my dad's on his, but never thought of a scarf or actually anything different than shirts. It wasn't pricey and it was possible to make on the font, color and size we wanted, and here's the result of it! A Burberry inspired winter accessory different than the usual, totally unique and super cozy. This could be used as a gift too.

I paired it on a super snowball looking outfit with this Ralph Lauren white coat, which is super warm but I'm always afraid to wear it because... Well, it's so white!

What about you, do you have the blanket-poncho? What do you think of the "trendy" pieces of the year, do you agree on them?

cara delevigne burberry runway something fashion spain valencia wrap coat scarf initials personalized cape

something fashion burberry wrap coat initials personalized scarf cara delevigne spain valencia style blog
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