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December 8, 2014

Cold, pink nights

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Oh my Godness, you can't even imagine how hard is getting for me to keep posting and doing all my duties on time.  We can hardly go outside for taking pictures, as I'm spending full time to develop my latest class project and I'm super busy! Almost all fashion and blogging projects I had have just gone with the wind. But you know: you have to play hard to get!

Now that cold has finally arrived (seriously, I thought we were going to be stuck on an eternal summer) and night falls earlier, it's time to start wearing longer dresses, thicker tights and get super cozy on wool jackets and pajamas. Maybe not the best example I can give you about this with this outfit guys, since I'm wearing the most thin, flowy dress ever but you just have to play with layers, tights, layers and accessories and voilà! You'll get the winter outfit by using summer apparel, isn't it great?

Besides I think this is a nice try to start wearing brighter colors while cold is around. Who said winters had to be sad and grey and super monochromatic? Let's get yourselves up wearing some color and brightening your outfits, you'll succeed because color is catchy. So, this COS dress based on a classy shape was a nice idea to wear for a night out with family and some friends, as it wasn't really cold outside and I just paired it with this tailored jacket.

And last but not least, as I talked to you about new projects coming and so on at the beginning of today's post, here's one of the latest things I've been involved to thanks to my friends at Fashionart who have just launched their very first issue of "Chapelle". "Chapelle" is about alternative fashion, local streetstyle and happenings around Valencia but also new and really innovative emerging designers, photography and shopping! Everyone can get involved on this new point of view and I had the chance to write a brief article for them so, I really encourage you to take a look at it and... Enjoy!

December 1, 2014

Late update

Something Fashion blog designs study architecture spain valencia blogger amanda r.

First of all, sorry for the massive lack of posts or either signs of life around here guys. Having limited or even non-existent free time at all it's one of the "perks" of architecture students. Actually not free time at all but also all the craziness around deliveries and drawings and work and so on that those really few seconds you have for yourself you spend them doing totally random things which have nothing to do with obligatory things. At all. And that includes the blog.

It's not like I put it on hiatus or something, writing here and meeting all of you is one of the most fun, amazing things I've been ever at. But that's the same reason why I've been out for awhile: I needed to focus on classes this last weeks (totally crazy. No sleeping at all and hard working hours and hours), but also needed to boost my creativity on the little gaps I used to blog. I've been collaborating with some friends (stay tuned at the Fashionart crew, they're launching their very first online magazine issue and I wrote something for them!) and thinking about new fashion projects coming.

Some of you who follow Something Fashion on our fan page might have noticed about my little adventure into shoe designing which actually turned into clutches and fabric designing. Seriously, the pattern and fabric design thing is thrilling and lets my mind fly away from classes and daily issues for a while. I'm planning to launch soon a little collection of unique clutches, makeup bags and pouches. They're really fun to do, and also super useful! Stay tuned at that.

Believe me, it feels literally like decades since the last time I got out to shoot some outfits! I'm super on the mood for it, so as soon as I'm able to you'll have me around here once again.

Something Fashion blog designs study architecture spain valencia blogger amanda r., gerrit rietveld shoes architecture sneakers aliveshoes mondrian colorful sneakers
I started designing sneakers about a month ago on an online startup, but it didn't work at all. My designs were inspired by famous architects and their buildings. This one was based on Gerrit Rietveld and his influence of painter Mondrian.

October 28, 2014

Pop of color

zara max mara rondine tote bag orange amanda r. something fashion blogger spain valencia, outfit summer skater dress look style chic bohemismo whistle jewelry pop color

Downtown Valencia and super warm weather. Temperatures have been almost like summer, and although we're already on mid-October it's only been two days ago since I wore my shorts, T-shirts and no tights dresses. People is still going to the beach, I still literally die every time I go out of classes at noon (carrying tons of things with me, as always) and I can't wait for the day my jackets and cozy sweaters get out the closet. I won't believe it when that day finally arrives.

Meanwhile, not everything feels bad. After this past summer, when I've been stuck between situations on a contrast where it was better to not worry that much about clothing but just put on your shorts, sneakers and feel the moment, feels good again to rock the city on a more feminine and chic look. This black and white skater dress had been on my wardrobe for awhile. It's one of those pieces that maybe don't claim for attention, but it's a basic and will always stay there to solve the eternal and feared question ("What to wear today?"). As it's plain color, you can mix it with different color schemes and put accessories to it. Orange is nice, isn't it?

Talking about season and mood changes, maybe here're the last pictures where you can see me with long hair! You already saw me with my new haircut here. Not too short, but easier to style so I love it.

Do you prefer plain colors? Do you have that "savior" piece on your closet too?

zara max mara rondine tote bag orange amanda r. something fashion blogger spain valencia, outfit summer skater dress look style chic bohemismo whistle jewelry pop color