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So, as a lot of us are currently under lockdown and working from home, I thought why not share some outfit inspiration to stay at home during this quarantine? I was used to working from home and staying long periods of time locked down due to University tasks and recently, because of my work as co-founder of my own architecture studio. I already spent long periods of time at home in front of a screen, so I might know a few tips that may be really helpful during these days. One of them is to get fully dressed once you finish your morning routines. Be it waking up, doing some sport and having breakfast... Once done, you really need to, first, make the bed and second, get dressed. And not dressed as in "video call dressed" kind of thing, where you keep your sweatpants on. No. Dress as if you were to step out of home (although you won't). And if you feel like so, even, apply some makeup. This is the only way that has helped me stay focused and get things done as if I was going to an outside office space.

My tip here and my ideas for an #stayathome outfit edition is to keep things simple and comfortable. Use a slip dress over a shirt or T-shirt, as in my first outfit proposal, since the flowy shape of a slip dress allows free movement to your legs (I'm continuously moving my legs up and down when I'm sitting, is something I can't get rid of). I find the slip dress idea really cool because you can use it as an overall piece several times before throwing it to the laundry basket only by changing the shirt underneath.

The next idea that I like to wear as an outfit to go around my house is a comfortable and wide dress, and the hair up in some way. In these pictures I'm wearing these COS metallic hairpins on the sides of my head, but sometimes I also wear headbands or turbans. Yes, turbans to #stayathome! I like to keep my hair out of my face and wear fancy earrings that I can see amid my hair.

Last but not least, a basic and cute blouse and some suit trousers are always a nice idea. I have some suit trousers that are pretty wide-legged and they come in different materials and colors: silky ones for the coming season, where it gets warmer and warmer and those which are darker and made of light wool, which are great for those days where the weather is mostly grey outside. I have this kind of blouses that are a little more "formal" and that I usually use when I do have some kind of video conference or online meetings. I must also confess that, although I dress and try to put on my makeup and do my hair every day, I always move around the house with my slippers. No need for shoes these days!

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