My go-to shoes to stroll Firenze fashionably (and budget friendly!)

collaboration 9:00 AM

Galleria degli Uffizi - Iconic places of Firenze

art 9:00 AM

BEHIND THE DESIGN: Ibaza, a different understanding to millinery

artisan pieces 9:00 AM

7 things you can do in Firenze as an student living abroad

bucket bag 9:00 AM

10 things that will make you look better in front of the camera (as a fashion blogger)

advice 9:00 AM

Summer throwback - Things I learnt during my Summer internship

architect dress code 9:00 AM

Cities through time

architecture 9:00 AM

About Amanda

About [span]me[/span]

Hi! I'm Amanda, from Valencia (Spain).

I like all things vintage and classy. I study Architecture and I'm an epée fencer.

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