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body positive 9:00 AM

Textile Heritage: West Africa

africa fabrics 9:00 AM

Are you in to be a good role model? - Musings about past and future (?) achievements

asymmetric 9:00 AM

Architect's dresscode - My experience as an architectural intern

architect dress code 9:00 AM

Ciao a tutti! - Erasmus year - Pitti Immagine Firenze

erasmus 9:00 AM

Valencia's Rooftops - Or how to turn your outfit day to night

blue 9:00 AM

Designing for the future - What will fashion be like?

3D printed clothes 9:00 AM

About Amanda

About [span]me[/span]

Hi! I'm Amanda, from Valencia (Spain).

I like all things vintage and classy. I study Architecture and I'm an epée fencer.

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