Relaxed green

beach 9:00 AM

Golden vintage dress + CH sandals

amanda r. 12:38 AM

Union Jack in my satchel

amanda r. 9:30 AM

Take your time and feel the summer

amanda r. 12:52 PM

That's in neon

beach 6:23 PM

DinoDirect: online shopping experience

dinodirect 3:55 PM

Autumn/Winter 2012 trends

2012 trends 10:00 AM

Mango tail ombre dress

asymmetric 11:00 AM

Makeup tricks + What's in my bag

Chanel 11:00 AM

White elegance

backless dress 10:30 AM


afternoon 9:30 AM

Devil wears Adolfo Domínguez

50's 11:00 AM

Are you lost? I have a map!

alviero martini 11:02 AM

The earrings

big earrings 9:00 AM

About Amanda

About [span]me[/span]

Hi! I'm Amanda, from Valencia (Spain).

I like all things vintage and classy. I study Architecture and I'm an epée fencer.

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