Re-planning my bedroom

architecture 11:00 AM

Leopard dress on a winter evening

animal print 11:00 AM

Burberry on a rainy day

bow blouse 11:00 AM

Feathers and radiance

calvin klein sunnies 11:00 AM

Peter Hahn: creating fashion for 50 years

high-luxury 11:00 AM

20th Birthday! :)

apple tart 12:00 AM

Lady accent

bright red dress 11:00 AM

How to: 10 pieces to buy on sales

budget fashionista 11:00 AM

Cotton candy

Andy Seven bag 11:00 AM

Goodies: Three wise men

accesories 11:30 AM

Lace for New Year's day

amitié 11:00 AM

Why I don't care about trends

catwalk 6:00 PM

Carrie's red scarf

carrie bradshaw 6:00 PM

About Amanda

About [span]me[/span]

Hi! I'm Amanda, from Valencia (Spain).

I like all things vintage and classy. I study Architecture and I'm an epée fencer.

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