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(Anne Klein tartan jacket and rose necklace from local market)

Deliveries of quarterly portfolios. Some of you may know I've been recently very busy with my last class projects around, so busy that I don't even have enough time to go out only few hours of my messy room, full of papers, floor plans, model pieces... That means no blogging, and spent the less possible hours out of home if it's not for going to my classes.

Now that the delivery is very close and I have done almost all the work I wanted to give a sign of life, and show you guys some objects that I have got lately. As I said I do not leave home much lately, so I'm missing my usual shopping habits and when I rarely go out of my burrow, I hardly see something I really, really like. So, most of the things I've been buying lately are mostly cosmetics. I am becoming very fond giving different touches to my outfits not only combining clothes and putting accessories here and there but doing my makeup differently each day, experimenting with hair, choosing one or another lipstick depending on my mood.

Understand me: University and especially the School of Architecture is a somewhat boring place, where we love to use white and gray lines for our buildings and projects.

If no-one adds color someone has to do it, don't you think?

Currently loving this new concealers from NYX: green one, ah-wesome for little rednesses and imperfections on the skin, and dark brown, lovely for doing some contouring or as a natural blush.

Feathers necklace bought on a local market, Elizabeth Arden liquid foundation (added to my daily makeup routine. It feels really fresh and natural, but the coverage is just breathtaking!) and Essence ''All about matt!'' translucent powders, my essential for a matt skin! 

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