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DSC_0276 copia

Winter coats. Essential piece in my closet (and should be yours too!) when it starts being colder. Easy to wear almost anywhere, available on a wide range of colors, shapes and prices makes this clothing piece suitable for everybody. This one from Romwe plus being particularly warm and comfortable, adds a touch of elegance to my daily outfits and everyone who see it compliments me. I always make jokes saying that I'm like a little happy mushroom with it on.

When adding a full, doughnut bun and some red lipstick some of my friends tell me I look like a Matryoshka doll or something. That's fun. A coat like this is not entirely effective without gloves and a scarf. Let's face it: I don't live in Siberia, but it's cold when night falls and I need to bundle up. 

Is curious how all the photos I can take lately are on evening. It gets dark very soon, and I can't always get out of home in the morning, so the light quality is really poor but it's all I can do. With final deliveries around, I can't wait to Christmas Holidays to arrive and have some time to rest and shoot new outfits!

DSC_0288 copia

DSC_0295 copia

DSC_0304 copia

DSC_0283 copia
I was wearing:

Romwe red coat
Vintage earrings and gloves
Zara scarf
Levi's Curve jeans
Aguaviva boots
Karen Millen bag

DSC_0285 copia

DSC_0280 copia

DSC_0281 copia

DSC_0293 copia

DSC_0273 copia

DSC_0275 copia

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  1. I am usually not as fond of bun-type hairstyles. Here, though, you look lovely! Your red coat is surely beautiful, and I also like your boots. Very charming style by you here.


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