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Beauty products to lust for. Remember this post where I told you how damaged was my hair?
Well, after all the mornings spent on the swimming pool and beach, my hair and skin were getting really dehydrated and damaged (plus, going absolutely on-the-go in, and after Holland), so I needed extra care and some high speed treatments to start repairing all the barbarisms I've committed. You know, summer time is about chilling and forgetting about the routine. Sometimes that include our most basic beauty treatments and rituals, which may get some problems like acne worse (my case).

One of the best things I've ever tried for my hair has been this "Gliss Total Repair" serum from Schwarzkopf. I had been using it ages literally since I discovered it but, once it was finished at home last time, I don't know why but I never bought it again. Luckily I found a new one on the beach house, and started using it again after every hair wash. You might know that there're no miracles when it comes to damaged skin or hair, and it's no less talking about this product but... Well, it does pretty well and has turned some split ends to a decent condition. At least until I visit the hair dresser on coming September! *winks*

The second beauty product which is not exactly about about skin care, but I was really lusting for was the "Guerlain Meteorites" box. I was really tempted to buy them during the past season, tempted by the so many reviews and nice opinions I read about those little shiny things. As you might know, I have a really sensitive skin where I can't put every thing I want when it comes to makeup. Besides, that box was a little out of my budget, but after reading that they were acne friendly and finding a nice sale (there were only two of the three "shades" available, so I picked the medium one which also fits my tone) I finally got them. And I couldn't be happier!
They smell really good, and leave a really healthy and beautiful glow on my face. And there's no need to use a lot of product, so I think it will last ages on my vanity. Yay!

So, did you already used any of this products? What's on your vanity? What about the high-speed treatments after summer?

beauty tips, currently using, Gliss, guerlain, guerlain meteorites perles, hair products, makeup, something fashion, summer makeup, total repair, vanity

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4 comentarios

  1. me llaman mucho la atención los meteoritos y sobretodo su caja, además yo también rengo la piel sensible y su dices que te van bien...

    1. Hola Mavi!
      Si, la verdad es que me van bastante bien, y ningún problema con la piel sensible, además cunden muchísimo porque sólo con unos toquecitos ya te dejan un brillo muy bonito en la cara :) Si los pruebas ya me dirás qué tal, un beso!

  2. Acá no creo encontrar esos productos, pero me llaman mucho la atención, además el packaging es precioso! besos

    1. Hola!!
      Muchas gracias por tu comentario! Ojalá pudieras encontrarlos, creo que son un imprescindible en verano, sobre todo el Gliss para el pelo muy dañado :) Ya me contarás, un beso!


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