Madrid OPEN HOUSE 2016 - Part II

10:00 AM

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OPEN HOUSE 2016 was all about learning and care to detail. I find incredible how my perception about architecture and detail has changed and evolved since the very first time I took part in a trip with my architect mates at the School. I can't believe already five years have passed since that first trip to Ticino and Milan area!

The more years I spent watching, learning and receiving classes about structures, design theory and history, the more I'm able to pay that attention to detail and be aware of everything surrounding me, specially when I go on a trip to places I've never been before. Besides, visiting buildings and places with a group of architect friends forces you to discuss, to watch carefully and see everything.
On this trip to the capital I had the chance to take it easily, making super punctual scapes out of the group to the Old Book Fair placed at Paseo de Recoletos; or to enjoy a tour visit to the Royal Tapestry Factory, which was amazing. This was a visit to Madrid in which I had so much time for myself, to stroll around the city and really feel the independence I'm looking for on a near future. There's so much to think about once you cross the subway entry and start walking downstairs to take the train which will lead you to the outside neighbourhoods of the city, to look up an specific building you've wanted to visit for a long time.

Open House festival in Madrid also let me plot and start the thinking process on some new ideas and coming posts for the blog, as well as discovering new guest for the "Behind the design" series which I'll be sending emails to and getting in touch as soon as possible. It's all about learning!

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I was wearing:

Levi's boyfriend jeans
Suite Blanco crop top
Stonefly sandals
Hermès Birkin Bag
Zara blazer

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