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End of the year. And with it, time to recap and make some sort of personal balance of 2016. As always, it's been a year full of nice moments and bad times, it is what it is. As always, I try to be conscious of making too much resolutions for the coming year, but there's always room for improvement and there will always be things to work on.

2016 is been a year full of unexpected things, unexpected friendships, moments and experiences. It's been a year full of unexpected bonds and teamwork, of exciting things and mostly a year plenty of illusion for me: about new projects, about my career, about what's to come next. It's been the year I experienced firsthand how it really feels to work in an architecture studio, dealing with crazy deadlines, huge papers and the bosses. It's been also the year when I've started discovering my true self, how many stuff I'm capable of handling, where's my limit and still, I'm trying to figure out if I can reach further. It's been also the year I've said goodbye to those whom I felt didn't contribute to my life anymore, for many reasons. Sometimes, it's just better to let go.

Maybe it hasn't been a year plenty of blog posts, but I think I've taken enough fresh air out of the blogosphere and I've been looking around to know how to focus better on this task, how to communicate better, or how to boost my ideas to write more about the things you care the most. Because as I'm always saying, my task here is to inspire and to be inspired, and all of you are a big part into this. After 2016 I feel more capable of taking Something Fashion into the next level, getting the most out of fashion, streetstyle, emerging designers, vintage and so on by twisting everything, and giving it a new point of view.

What's to come, then, for 2017? I'm currently considering tons of options, tons of new projects and partnerships. Hopefully, there will be more blog posts to come. I'm also considering giving the whole "blogging specialization" thing a chance. However, as there are lots of things I've been mixing around here these almost 7 years, I don't know if that will work out. I'm also considering if staying local as I've been since the very beginning, or in the other hand, being more internationally focused when writing about fashion events or news. I don't know. Right now, I'm waiting for everything to settle down a bit: for Christmas holidays to end, for my exam period to end as well, for that time I have enough savings to invest on blog improvements... Everything is a bit blurry now, but as always, it will eventually work out!

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