7 things you can do in Firenze as an student living abroad

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If someone had told me a couple of years ago that I was going to be living in Italy for a whole course abroad, I would have asked him to pinch me and stop joking. It's been barely a month here, but I already feel that somehow, I finally found a place where I can be whoever I want to be, a city full of culture and so many plans and things to do every week that I wish days had (at least) 96 hours. Firenze is definitely helping me to discover a magnificent new world called independence, and also, regain my long lost self-confidence due to a career called Architecture. However, and as you might know, the Erasmus scholarship isn't very high and, in a city where everything is beautiful but also damn expensive, you might want keeping your student budget tight (ruining my parents back in Spain is not my plan for this year).

The scholarship given doesn't even pay the bills (the flights booked for my return home in Christmas and back here are almost half of the monthly assignment given by the scholarship. And they were the cheapest tickets, even without any luggage) and as a student surrounded by other students and of course, tons of social life (because, I'm not here ONLY to pass my tests), group pressure is really high, involving dinners, beer-pongs, nights out at pubs and bars, organised daily-trips and so on. So, let's say I'm trying to be as careful as possible when money is involved (not that I starve, of course, but you know what I mean) and that I'm always looking for the best offers, ticket combos, free sightseeing places or things to do staying budget-friendly in Firenze.

#1 Enjoy #DomenicalMuseo
Every first Sunday of the month, there's a museum among the huge ones (Accademia, Galleria degli Uffizi, Bargello...) with free entrance to the public. Alternatively, if you are an Architecture student of any place in the European Union, or enrolled on any kind of Beaux Arts official School or University, you also get free access! Surf the web of the most important museums and places in Firenze to discover if you have a chance to get a free biglietto.

#2 Get to know the covered food markets
I live very near Mercato de San Lorenzo (or also called Mercato Centrale), where I don't only go for our weekly grocery shopping with my flatmates, but also, sometimes we sneak into the food court at the second floor of this magnificent market to have a slice of pizza, a piece of delicious focaccia or just wander around and delight our senses with amazing smells and super instagrammable food displays. Less touristy than the first one, we have the Mercato di Sant'Ambrogio, where there's also a food court and is very near our Architecture School, so, it's 100% student friendly!

#3 Wander around Parco delle Cascine
I was very determined to re-start my lost sporty routine with some sporadic runs and walks in quick pace during this year abroad. Although being a super touristy city with a crowded, impossible-to-walk-on town center (belive me: one month here and I already know more than 5 different ways to get to University for the most busy hours of the day) and a tight urban structure which obviously, has more than enough breathtaking buildings, but very few green spots; Firenze also has places where locals go for a walk and get away from the city noise. One of them is the Parco delle Cascine, which is amazingly near downtown (barely a 15-20 minutes walk) and by the Arno river. There you'll find a huge green place, with plenty of locals walking their doggies, some sport facilities and a market taking place every Tuesday morning!

#4 Enjoy Firenze at night
I already talked about that time my flatmates and I went out quite late at night to meet a group of Spanish Erasmus's to have some drinks (hey, we are worldwide known for doing EVERYTHING late, and that includes meeting with other people) and how fascinated I was on my walk back home to discover a different city, beautifully lighted-up and most important, almost empty of people which resulted unrealistic and almost eerie. Firenze is definitely a place to walk past 9-10 p.m. By the time I've already spent here, and while going out quite a lot days pretty late, I must say I find it a greatly secure place.

#5 Eat like a fiorentine
I'm not a really big fan of meat, and I must confess I haven't tasted the typical dish here which is called lampredotto. Not sure if I'll try it, because although it smells great and I've been assured it tastes as great as it looks, I'm not very attracted to the fact that it is made from the fourth and final stomach of a cow. However, there are other things that I absolutely love here when it comes to food, and I assure you that I haven't eaten AS MUCH for so less in any place in all my life. My recommendation here is step out of the center of Firenze, and don't get caught on those gelaterias and pizzerias and paninerias right near the Duomo. Instead, go around the Santa Maria Novella train station or a bit further, at the Oltrarno neighbourhood (the other side of the river) for the best local places.

#6 Biblioteca delle Oblate and its cultural programme
It has a terrace with a cafetería that it's also super well known and talked about by locals. My first visit here was about two weeks ago for a talk about the construction and structure of the Duomo dome by one of my seminary professors at the university, and I couldn't help but be fascinated by the place, both inside and outside! Check out their cultural programme, because I'd say they have a very extensive monthly calendar full of events, talks about Firenze and italian culture, a book club and much more!

#7 Climb to San Miniato al Monte and the cemetery
Haven't done it yet. Well. Half-way through. Some tourists think Piazzale Michelangelo is the highest spot in Firenze, but it's not! I climbed with my friends in one of our first giri in town to this balcony without knowing it was another place a bit higher than that (OMG, I couldn't believe there's a place HIGHER than THAT PLACE, which almost killed me. Hi, sporty girl in #3), so, after some italian friends told me about the monastery and church at San Miniato, I knew I had to book another free afternoon to go there. It's sure worth every step!

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I was wearing:

Tizzas loafers
Custom-made dress
Louis Vuitton "Noé" bucket bag
Zara blazer

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  1. you look so pretty in that dress hun!
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

  2. I've only visited Firenze briefly, but it's a beautiful city! These are great ideas of things to do when you are on a budget!

  3. Great tips. Firenze is one of the prettiest cities I've been to.
    Thanks for sharing.


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