Freezing cold wishlist - Surviving an Italian Winter with Rosegal

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Firenze means cold weather. And 80% of ambiance humidity almost every single day during Winter. In today's post I'm partnering with Rosegal because, although it's not being as cold as I thought before coming to Italy for my year abroad, it still feels way colder than when in Valencia, where they've been having almost 20ºC for the greatest part of December-January. And a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do when choosing outerwear and cozy knits to survive in Tuscany.

So, to survive not only a cold Winter season in Italy, but survive every single day you walk around busy streets packed with tourists, locals in a hurry and still, deal with oh-fantastic-cobblestones and other marvels of ancient civil engineering to walk on, you can't miss comfortable shoes! Yes, it's still possible to walk on heels around here, although not your regular high-heels with pointed toes because that's nearly impossible (although you're a super stylish Italian woman in her mid-40's. They can walk on whatever they want to, and I don't have any clue on how they do it). Instead, my favorite kind of shoes for Winter in Firenze are those which have thick rubber soles and squared, medium height heels, like these Rosegal checked laced-up booties which look perfect to stroll fashionably any Italian square. When at home, instead, I love to put on my funny socks to keep my feet warm and walk around when doing my uni assignments and tasks.

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Another absolute must-have to survive freezing temperatures around here, city of the fun and colorful street style at Pitti Uomo fair is a coat! Whether you prefer plaid, classic checks or a coat with a laced-back which resembles antique, a nice quality and statement piece of outerwear is an absolute must to start layering your outfit, and top it with a matching set of scarf and gloves. A cardigan in a bright color as you can see below is also a nice idea! I have a couple of them here at my home away from home, and I usually wear them indistinctly to university when I'm in my comfiest mood (be it because it's cold as in the Antarctic; be it because I haven't had any sleep) or even at home on top of my pajamas. Cardigans are super useful and versatile!

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And I think that's pretty much all of my ideas to survive freezing temperatures and uneasy weather not only in Italy, but everywhere!
Remember that layering is key, and that accessories matter :)

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