How laser and light therapies might make skin look healthier

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I’ve been suffering from cystic acne scarring since my early adulthood, and although it’s something that I’ve already become used to, sometimes it undermines my self-confidence and I wish I’d been more careful with my skin in my teenage years. That adds to the fact that I’m slowly approaching a quarter of a century surrounded by a stressful career and uncertain on-the-go routine, which is little by little affecting my skin tone, pores and even adding some unexpectedly early wrinkles. So, after a bit of research about the topic, I discovered that there are some therapies based in the use of laser and light pulses that might improve the quality of the skin and even reverse the effects of aging and stress. Many of the available options involve the use of light or laser devices to treat skin ailments. Below are brief overviews of some of the most used options nowadays, and what benefits they might add to our skin condition:

Obtaining healthier skin by undergoing IPL treatment
One of the simplest ways to treat your skin using a form of light therapy is to undergo IPL treatment. IPL stands for “intense pulsed light.” The IPL procedure is exactly what it sounds like. A technician will aim pulses of light at your skin. Those pulses will use a very specific form of light capable of causing disruptions within your skin cells to promote healing. IPL treatments are designed for general revitalization over a long period of time. They do not have any immediate visible impact. In fact, you may be required to attend several spreads out IPL appointments before your skin health will improve. 

Why laser treatments are stronger than IPL
If you are looking for a stronger treatment than IPL, some type of laser treatment may be better for you. Experts have used laser-devices for aesthetic treatments in skincare clinics for many years. In fact, they have been popular for so long that many different types of laser procedures have been developed. Choosing the proper procedure to address your skin concerns is important if you want the best results from your laser treatment.

Standard types of laser treatments to try
Standard laser treatments come in two basic forms. They are ablative and non-ablative treatments. The former refers to treatment that directly affects the surface of the skin. The latter refers to treatments that can heal lower skin layers without directly altering the top layer. Ablative treatments are often used for procedures like laser peels, which revitalize the surface of the skin. However, you can also get an ablative laser treatment to treat multiple skin layers. Both ablative and non-ablative treatments are useful in their own ways. For example, non-ablative treatments performed repeatedly over a period of time can cause internal healing. The result will be a better overall appearance. Ablative procedures are stronger and can produce results faster, providing some degree of nearly instant satisfaction. However, the additional strength of ablative devices makes them more prone to causing usually minor side effects, such as temporary skin redness.

More types of laser treatment technology for skin health
Laser machines also include more diverse options. One such option is a CO2 laser treatment. Unlike some other laser procedures, CO2 treatment will involve a recovery period. However, the laser machine is quite strong so one treatment may be all you need. CO2 treatment is routinely used to treat such skin issues as wrinkles, scars and age spots. Fraxel laser treatment is another type of laser procedure you can try. A Fraxel treatment differs from other forms of laser procedures because it involves hundreds of perfectly calibrated light pulses. As the pulses impact your skin cells, collagen production within your skin cells will increase. Collagen often called a “cellular building block,” helps skin cells stay strong and healthy. High collagen levels can also help all of your skin cells hold tightly together, reducing wrinkles.

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