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Christmas' holidays ended up and I started 2019 the same way I finished 2018: catching up with homework, work, and spending an insane amount of time at home due to flu. This lent to unnumerable friends visits for tea and afternoon snacks whenever I felt like a human being, binge-watching Netflix and lots of hours in front of the computer. I quite enjoy being at home on my own and much more if it's cold outside. However, the feel of laziness due to wearing pajamas even on free days it's not something that encourages me to do anything but turn into a couch potato.

So, since last year abroad, I always get dressed in comfortable and cozy clothes even if I know I'm not doing anything important that day. My choice usually consists of a pair of yoga tights and a sweatshirt, or a pair of cotton pants and a thicker T-shirt like this pink one I'm wearing here. Whether I'm working on some blog or social media content, or architecture stuff, it feels nice to know that you can always go for a little walk around the neighborhood or go grab some bread to the bakery if it suddenly feels like too much confinement. I always put my hair up or wear headbands whenever I'm around here because even though my hair is currently quite short, it feels weird having it loose when I'm being productive. So, a while ago I came up with these DIY headbands taking inspiration from the brand Anthropologie and I did a bunch in different colors and patterns.

Last, I'd like to invite you all to a little feature I've done on Barcelona's based blog and fashion platform, Gadriana, talking about unconventional resolutions for this year that has just started.

I was wearing:

Zara pants
Pepita Barber lock necklace (use code SOMETHINGFASHION and get a 15% OFF your order!)
DIY knot headband

"This post was sponsored by Shein"

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