BEHIND THE DESIGN: Miroslava Dolinskaya and her velvet headpieces' extravaganza

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Miroslava has been based in Barcelona for a very short time, where she has established herself as a fashion and accessories designer. Her diadems and turbans are elegant, handmade and with haute-couture quality finishes. The materials used by Mirka are mostly velvet, cotton, and silk; be it braided, twisted, quilted and beaded. Some of them are reminiscent of medieval garlands and reminiscent of the traditional Russian Kokóshnik. Today at "BEHIND THE DESIGN" we would like to know more about the origins of the brand, the mission, and vision of her entrepreneurship project and Mirka's sources of inspiration.

Your career has been mostly focused on fashion design, but you have decided to focus your project on something as concrete as hair accessories. What did you see in this approach that the more generalist fashion design did not bring? Is it logistically easier to design headbands and headpieces collections than a clothing collection?
It is no secret that a headband is an accessory with a rich history. They have always been and they will be. This is a classic, which means it’ll always be in. Nowadays, the headband is not only a means to hold the hair, but also a fashion accessory, a complete art detail that allows completing an elegant look.

When I arrived in Barcelona, I explored the market. At first, I wanted to make my own collection, but there were many but... To create a collection you need a team of like-minded people, and I still don’t have that equipment here. So, I decided to start with a small but powerful accessory, like a headband. And I think I was right. This vibrant accessory can revive any look, giving it a feminine touch. Here, as in the clothing collection, there is an unlimited field for creativity. You can play with prints, sizes, color, embroidery, textures, accessories. In fact, I began to create under the motto: "Distinguish yourself from the crowd and make it talk about you!"

miroslava dolinskaya headpieces diadems haute couture, behind the design fashionbloggers valencia spain, somethingfashion blog

Could you tell us about your creative process, from the first sketches to the packaging design (which we know, is also very careful)? How do you select the materials you use in Mirkafashion?
The headband creation process is completely creative. For example, it begins with choosing the fabric for me. Every time I see a handkerchief in my head, a picture is formed of what and how to do it with this material. Then I decide what’s best for this tissue, what technique I’ll use. Whether we need foam for this model or better without it, and limit ourselves to the base.

My headbands are sewn in 70% by hand, and I declare with knowledge of cause that they are made by my hands. They are made with much love, awareness, and dedication! My attitude towards details is essential. I am very sensitive to the choice of velvet straps that underlie the headband. For me, it is very important that it is always clear that what we have in our hands is a very high-quality product, with whichever fabric is used: silk or cotton… In addition, the logo is a silk base and golden lurex.

The subject of packaging is a separate chapter... The headbands are packaged first in a white velvet bag (also made by my hands), then I add a silk ribbon as a tie and my logo. All this is packed in tissue paper and inside a hatbox.

miroslava dolinskaya headpieces diadems haute couture, behind the design fashionbloggers valencia spain, somethingfashion blog

Does the material (texture, print, color) choose the shape and finish of the headband? Is it something more aesthetic, or something more technical?
In general, I get carried away by the season. If it is Autumn, the colors which prevail are black, olive orange, cappuccino. As for textures: velvet, micro velvet, leather... In the Summer, of course, it is a party full of colors, shapes, and materials. However, the main material of all my headbands is silk. As for preliminary ideas, I study trends and on this basis, I usually make a model.

At the moment I am making a collection of headbands where there will predominate a lot of metal elements, zippers, chains, rivets, buttonholes... Based on the latest trends, I am confident that it will succeed!

Your main online outlets are Etsy and Instagram. What do you think these platforms bring to your business model that other Internet sales channels won’t? What are the most notable differences selling through both platforms?
My key sales networks are Etsy and Instagram, you’re right. But I can’t specify that the sales are from either site. What I can say specifically is that the product information should be of very high quality (this is about the presentation of the material) and just as precise.

miroslava dolinskaya headpieces diadems haute couture, behind the design fashionbloggers valencia spain, somethingfashion blog

The value proposition of your designs is, without a doubt, the quality and care in the finishes of your headbands with very competitive prices. Do you think that handmade products are valued enough in Spain? Or do you think it is something that is focused on a client or a very specific occasion where you decide to spend a little more than usual (like weddings, special events...)?
Yes, in Spain, as in all of Europe, handmade products are highly valued! As for the headband, there is a special love/tenderness for this accessory! For each significant event, the girls usually match their look with a headband, which adds the final touch to their outfit! It also indicates that the women of this country have a lot of style and elegance.

Finally... What advice would you give to future entrepreneurs in the fashion sector who want to start such a project? What do you think is more important when starting up an Internet business in this sector (having an important financial cushion, a lot of creativity, contacts, knowledge of online presence management, or a little bit)?
"Believe in yourself! Be unique, not like the others! Then there will be no human force that can prevent your success!"

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