My style on High School Pieces

4:43 PM

Today I'm gonna write a very quick post. I'm meeting my friend Maria at 6, and I'm late! So, here you have the lovely style piece about me Amie wrote on her blog High School Pieces.
As you know, I'm still on High School, this is my last year there so I just loved Amie's idea to put on a blog useful and interesting things about this topic, such as tips, fashion and ideas to wear to school, music and quizes.

I'm leaving now! See you in next post!

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2 comentarios

  1. Me gusta mucho la cabecera!!!!! Muchas gracias por pasarte a comentar :) Y que sepas q me gusta como tienes el blog!
    Pásate a ver mi último post inspiración de Rachel Bilson! Un besitooo


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