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First of all, I'm very very sorry for didn't post anything on the last... Mmmm... Month?
You know, my life has turned back into ''bussiness-as-usual'', and I even don't have enough time for myself so... Just imagine how's going my life! Exams are coming and leaving, then homework, then more exams, trainings... This is crazy for me, but I must survive to my Senior Year! I must! I'm trying to prepare more interesting posts to publish soon, also new outfits, more pictures, tips... But I just ask you to be a little patient. Also, some lovely and kind bloggers from IFB have asked me to interview me soon, so, I'll tell you too.

By now, I let you with my latest outfit. I leave very quick, I have stuff to do! I bought this -I think- awesome sequins skirt on Zara last month. Lately I don't go very much shopping, because as I told you before, I have a little time to spend and also, I don't really like most of the New Season things I'm finding out. So, I'm trying to buy things like this skirt: fashion, different and wearable with lots of possibilities.
I was wearing it with my jewelry clutch I talked to you about here and my GO black pumps, but I've also though I could wear it with a pair of black flats or ballerinas and with a shirt, for a more comfy outfit.

I have also posted it on my account so you can see I'm still alive on the Internet! Even I don't have very much time to write and take pictures, I will try very hard to post soon I promise!

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  1. That's a cute outfit! The paillettes are now on fashion and you wear this trend so good! Congratulations! I follow you now and I'd like you to visit my blog: Thaanks! ;)

  2. That skirt is so beautiful. I love the sparkle!

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