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It's finally Christmas holidays for me! I've spent two days sleeping and in a very tired mood, after an 8 hour exam last Friday and then, dinner and party all night with the class mates. I promise I won't do anything of my homework until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

So. As I have decided to continue running the blog whenever I'm able to, I just needed to go outside, take some fresh air and take some pics. Weather is being lovely although we are in December, and it feels like it's spring on the mornings, then it goes colder again. As my fashion blogger friend is also doing some changes on her site, we've decided to do a kind of collaborationship, so I take her blog's pictures while she tooks mine.

And voilà! This are some of the results of today's photoshoot.  In the morning I felt like I was a kind of a strange thing, because everybody on the bus was looking weird at me. I think fashion on my city is a very misunderstood concept, and people usually go for the comfortable and cozy look, even if it means showing too much skin, or wear the first thing you find on your closet. Maybe they looked weird at me because most of them are not used to see girls wearing high heels and a silver blazer around the city. I don't know...



I was wearing:

Zara brocade black pants
H&M black pumps
Karen Millen sparkling bag statement necklace
Tous earrings
Stradivarius silver blazer





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3 comentarios

  1. Bonitas fotos en el paseo de la Pechina ;)
    El blazer te queda genial con la base en negro.

    Un beso.

  2. Really looking great my dear! It's been a long time. :)
    Been waiting for your posts. I know school has taken lots of your time. :) Hehehe. Anyway my dear, your shoot turned out well and you look fab! Love your pants and the sparkles! Festive look! :)

    Enjoy your holidays! :) Break from school and assignments *wink* Hope you can visit me again dear! And I'm not sure but maybe you can already follow me back, if you haven't yet (it's been a while hehe). Happy holidays!

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  3. me encantan los pantalones! y la bolsa es una pasada! un beso


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