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So, how're the Christimas holidays going? I've been in a very cozy and relaxed mood this last week, as I've been going out a little bit to buy some presents, meeting friends and spending freetime just doing nothing. My homework is waiting for me, duh, but all I'll have to do is manage free time this last week.

I've also been doing some closet restructuring: throwing away garments I don't use anymore, organizing dresses and sweaters by colors, and putting in place some things I've been accumulating for months and didn't have their own place on my wardrobe.
That's why I ended with two huge bags full of clothes not to throw away (most of them were clothes I don't use a lot, but still like them) but able to be kept in another place with enough space for them. That's why we endend traveling to the beach house to put them there.

It was quite cold on the early morning, so I decided to wear this whool skirt and put an ''all in brown'' outfit. What do you think about it?



(This is the landscape of Oropesa del Mar in winter. Awesome!)




(And how my wardrobe ended. Organised dresses by colors, aww!)

I was wearing:
Adolfo Dominguez whool skirt
Burberry bag
Timberland boots
Max Mara brown tights
Brown turtleneck from Formul@ Joven


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  1. I think the all-brown outfit looks great my dear! :)

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