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(From left to right: NafNaf brown ankle boots, black booties with sparkly back from local store, Steve Madden Troopa boots in brown)

After a crazy week with some exams, homework, and a return from a trip to Madrid (which I’ll talk to you about very son, I promise), today I return with a post on the ‘’How to wear’’ series.  It’s time to talk about ankle boots. I’m sure you’ve seen them all over blogs, and magazines and lots of fashion weeks but, first of all… What are exactly these types of booties?

As their name say, ankle boots are a type of footwear which top reaches approximately ankle length. Nowadays we can find them on multiple materials, shapes, high or low heeled, colors, etc. They can be worn in lot of ways, but be careful! If paired inappropriately they can make you look shorter.  I discovered them about a year and a half ago, because I never used to wear them before. I mostly used to wear flats or high boots, just on the extremes. But I must admit, ankle boots have become one of my basic garments, because they’re very versatile and easy to wear and pair on the go.

Talking about ankle boots, I’ve been looking around for online shops to show you great ideas and examples. New Look has a great gallery of ankle boots, for all fashion tastes and budgets.  Most of their booties are leather made, and they have a great quality and design. Specifically, I want to feature this four booties below, basically because this models are really similar to some pairs I have on my closet, and which I must admit, have saved my life sometimes when didn’t know what to put on that day. Let’s call them the basics when talking about booties.

black glitter back ankle boots tan leather stud lace up boots black folded cuff lace up ankle boots limited black tapestry ankle boots Image Map

I also want to show you practical and ‘’pictorial’’ examples of how to combine booties. You know: the basic ‘’DO’S’’ and ‘’DON’T’S’’ I really like to talk about. Are you curious? Keep reading below!

#1: Military

 photo DSC_0058_zpsdb6bc2a3.png

(PepeJeans boots with fur, Levi's straight cut jeans, Formul@ Joven military jacket)

Depending on the shades of the booties, I’d usually wear military trend with a pair of cool jeans and a military jacket, but with black garments could also look great. The fur on this booties and the high heel on them makes this outfit really versatile for day or even a night out. Keep in mind that for not making this outfit overdone, don’t put too many accessories on it. A headband or a pair of cute bracelets may be enough. YAY!

#2: Sparkly on sparkly

 photo DSC_0051-2_zps3384f70a.png
(Black ankle boots with spakrly back from local store and Romwe sequined dress)

This outfit may cause some confusion. Some fashionistas may think: what’s the problem? Gold sequins on the dress, gold sparks on the back of the shoes… I’ll tell you the problems about this look. First and abvious: overdone. Too much glitter. If you were looking for simplicity, you’re mistaken. Second: the style doesn’t match. This is a party dress! And the booties may be more adequate for an informal look just because their shape.  Third but maybe most important: the length of the dress and the length of the booties. This is the typical example of an outfit which can make you look shorter. NAY!

#3: Partying

 photo DSC_0053_zps8f7c3804.png
(ModCloth red dress and folded high heeled booties)

This may be the opposite outfit as the one I showed you above. Or not just the opposite, but the ‘’right’’ version. Short length dress with folded high heeled booties. This will cause the optical illusion that your legs are longer. I’d say go with not more than two or three colors. Add a pair of cool earrings, and you’re done! YAY!

#4: Rockin’ the elegance

 photo DSC_0049-1_zps345c9423.png
(Zara black blazer, vintage black trousers and booties with sparkly back from local store)

Basic and eclectic, but successful. The total black outfit rarely fails, and paring a blazer with dark trousers plus adding this sparkly booties will add your outfit a very personal and rocker touch. The blazer and trousers with the straight cut will stylize your figure. As the shoes talk by themselves, try not to put so many accessories. YAY!

#5: The crime mix

 photo DSC_0060_zps65dec14e.png
(Floral Doc Martens and vintage party dress)

I’ve seen this outfit over and over and over again all over Internet and I personally consider it a total fashion crime. Let’s see… The color, but most important: the style doesn’t match at all. Doc Martens’ where first designed for military purposes, and then commercialized for a more extended public, but it’s shape and basic configuration is made for walking and supporting extreme weather or ground conditions. Avoid them with tutus or dressy outfits please! ABSOLUTELY NAY!

DSC_0056 Vs.
limited brown lace up heeled ankle boots blink brown side zip western ankle boots Image Map

Compensation for this post was provided by New Look. Some images were taken from their shop gallery. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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