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Turban girl. I'm not personally that kind of person who loves wearing hats, and hair accessories and only wears her hair as natural as possible. But I've been suffering a kind of obsession lately with turbans and fashion hair pieces, just to give my outfits a different touch, a bit more bohemian than usual, I don't know.
So, after looking around like a crazy thing for a turban that fitted me (it had to be really simple lined, made of a plain color and which covered all my head) I finally found this one on ASOS! I couldn't believe it, because I looked around before on so many places, but never found anything I really liked.

I also experimented a little bit with my makeup, and tried to do some contouring. I think it ended really natural, almost too much without my usual bright lipstick! I somehow feel that this makeup fits this vintage dress better, because too much colors would make this look too formal...

Experiment with fashion is good, as long as you have clear what limits you want to reach.

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I was wearing:

Black turban via ASOS
Zara red bag
Kenneth Cole sandals from NY thrift store
Polka dot vintage dress
Lloyd's white jacket

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