Let's talk Architecture: 5 houses in Valencia

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Architecture. Apart from fashion, it's my other thing in my life I'm most passionate of. I'm very grateful I have had the chance to be studying it, and thanks to it discover what I really want to become on the future. Then you might be thinking... Why this post? We're in a blog about fashion, aren't we? Why is this crazy girl talking about this today?

Well, I think I've already said that once around here but never mind. Proportions, materials, colors, the way you build everything, work with volumes and textures, and manage to join everything on the correct way. Both fields have this concepts around, and you have to know about everything you would ever have imagined to take control. So, when a few days ago I rescued from one of the class folders the last project I worked on, I thought it could be great to show some images to you, create a conversation about it, get to know something is related to this blog in a sort of way but you don't usually see around here.

Basically we were supposed to virtually create on a patch near the University a group of 5 houses for 5 different families. My proposal consisted on a sort of shoebox where everything was placed on the inside. Two long walls set out the main volume to create more public and private spaces on the outside of the houses and cut the garden into two different places.

Working with this kind of things really let me see things on a different way. Since I'm working on this virtual projects, I'm always turning nuts about how to organize this or that (talking about everything, even when I cook a salad... It's crazy), how to combine this piece or no wait, because this would look better with this other one...

What about you? Does your career also influence you on your daily basis? Did you learn something that you think would be useful for getting dressed, go shopping or you could just transpose to the fashion field?





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