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It's been almost four years since I discovered vintage and thrifting, as well as I started this adventure of blogging as well. I can remember perfectly which was my first thrifted jacket I bought on a little town near Boston, or how I found one of my favorite dresses which have ever been on my closet.

So many things have happened since then, and my love for antique and second hands items has only just keep growing. I'm not an expert about the topic, but I've been developing some skills and ''good practices'' when shopping for vintage clothing. You know: it's all about practice! So, when I recently got asked (more than twice on the last months!) if I could do some teaching about personal tips and tricks to buy the perfect antique or thrifted garment, I thought doing a post about it would be the best fit :)
I was also thinking about another post focused on how to combine and wear vintage and thrifted pieces. Would you like it?

Let's get started then!

  • Differences between vintage and thrifted. This might be the most important thing to keep in mind while shopping. Vintage clothing is usually clothing which has been around for about 20 or more years, which have something special and which clearly has belonged to another era, and could have been worn or not. Not everything from vintage stores has been used and some items even have their tags intact. 
    On the other hand, thrifted clothing may include vintage or not. They're usually pre-owned items, which because of any circumstance have ended on your nearest thrift or second hand store.
  • Start with the classics. If you're new to vintage hunting, then start with something it's easy to find and you'll be able to wear almost everywhere: leather jackets and jeans (most common are the Levi's ones).
  • Start little by little. Are you looking for a super specific piece, like a dress or cardigan with really particular characteristics like shape, era, or color? If you're a newbie, I would recommend not splurging all your budget on a vintage piece, whatever it is. Start with a little black dress, an 80's floral blouse or pattern skirt with a limit on your budget. Then you'll learn how to notice spots, if it worths being tailored or fixed or not, etc. so you can start searching for more specific (and sometimes pricey if we're talking about that Chanel 2.55 bag...) items.
  • Try it on. Touch and feel it. Wear something you are super comfortable on, and which is easy for you to put things on (like a romper or jumpsuit) so you don't have to spend extra time on the fitting room queue. Try everything you're interested on if possible. Take a look at the clothes, 360 degrees if possible and if you turn it to the inside and look for any splits and stains, much better.

    somethingfashion blogger spain valencia tips shopping haul second hand tutorial how to wear, 6 tips for shopping vintage
    One of the best pieces I've ever found: the bright yellow pleated skirt from Loewe. You can check the post here.
  • Take your time. Always. There's no point on going to vintage or thrift store shopping on a hurry, because you'll have to try on and check that everything is OK. I'd say, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea before, and go for a haul on a super open minded mood, take your time to look around, to select the pieces you want to try and to enjoy the experience.
  • Check out before leaving home. As on a regular shopping trip, check out your closet before you leave home to know what you have and to not repeat items when you get something new! It's also nice because once on your second hand store, you can get an idea if whatever you're going to pick would be able to be paired or not with some items you already have on your wardrobe.

somethingfashion blogger spain valencia tips shopping haul second hand tutorial how to wear, 6 tips for shopping vintage
One of the first vintage pieces I got: this maroon Williamsbourg Vintage dress. It was a total bargain!

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