#fashionblogging: 5 (annoying) things I've heard as a blogger

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It's been almost 5 years now that I started blogging, and I can say I've seen and heard almost everything when it comes to fashion and this subject which is having a blog. Let's be honest: I'm not a superstar fashion blogger who gets featured on high, lifestyle super known magazines and Valencia is a tiny city compared to New York or Los Angeles. Maybe those are main reasons why the blogging thing is mostly unknown by people around here, and it is also the kind of place where people stare at you awkwardly when you're shooting outfit pictures in the middle of any street. It used to bother me a bit, but now I don't really care and I always try to explain my hobby to anyone who asks about it.

So, the last purpose of this post is to bother anyone but to face some of the things that nobody explained to me when I decided to share what I loved on a blog, and encourage all of you to keep working on all your projects whatever they're about and whatever might happen. Let's take this as a fun, constructive way to face and solve some facts that come when you become that thing named as a fashion blogger.

Have some of the following ever happened to you? What sort of things bothers you being a blogger?

- Why do you write in English if you live in Spain and have Spanish as a mother language?
This project started the first time I traveled to the US to improve my English, so I thought it would be nice not only to improve my speaking but also my writing. Talking about what I loved, liked or inspired me would become my motivation to master a language I was learning. Then the blog became bigger and I realized writing in English allowed me to not only gain more readers but also to understand and be understood by a large following I couldn't have achieved if I only wrote in my mother language.

- Why do you usually wear your lips with red? (And then... "You look much older")
Seriously... There's a lot of people who seem to have so little to do other than only consider how I wear my lips. I like how red looks on me. It's something physical and easily recognizable at first sight on me. Nobody wears red lipstick around me and it's my sign, something that makes me who I am.

- Everybody can stand in front of a camera, pose and then just write nonsense on a blog
I affirm that everyone can write a blog. It's easy, and you can talk about whatever you want to. But keeping an audience, get people interested in what you write and shoot is different, and maybe I'm not the best doing that, but I assure you not everybody can do that. You must know how to connect with people, you must understand analytics, you have to process the pictures and make everything have sense after you stand in front of the camera. Being a blogger is easy. The point about it keeps the blog and remind yourself almost every day why you do it.

- Change the content of the post because we didn't like how it sounded or the things it pointed
I can say that this has not happened to me many times, but it has happened to me somewhat. And you can't even imagine how unpleasant it felt. Not because I wrote anything bad (which I think I didn't) but only because someone didn't like my opinion and told me to change it. As it sounds: change my own opinion. 

This blog is my place. Is my voice. I don't only write for sharing, networking and inspire others, but also to express what I like, what I live, what I do. And I find way more disrespectful to tell a blogger to change her opinion that whatever the blogger wrote if it was on a polite way with its evidence. You have to deal with that.

-Write/review something to me free 
I blame not only to those PRs, brands, and agencies which do this kind of practices, but also those bloggers who accept this terms. Would you work for free? Design something for free? Write an article in a local newspaper for free? I wouldn't if I knew that someone would be earning a huge profit with what I've done. So, it really pisses me off when I get e-mails asking me for "publishing just some pictures and talking about our brand to your readers". Really? I work really hard for getting those amazing followers, I always write my posts with all the devotion in the word... And you're asking me to sell myself like that? Sorry but, no way.

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  1. Muy muy buen artículo, coincido en todo lo que dices la verdad.
    Lo que menos me gusta es que me hagan sentir como un producto, uno que se puede comprar y vender o que hay que ''testar'' antes de comprar. Cuando empecé en este mundo las cosas no eran tan así, todo ha cambiado mucho. Bueno supongo que tú también lo habrás notado, con esos 5 añazos que llevas con tu blog. Igualmente sigue siendo un mundo increíble y lleno de gente fantástica que conocer. Eso compensa todo lo malo.



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