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Stuck again into exams and work. This whole thing is getting hard, I recognize. Holidays are still on my mind and every time I have to put my mind into work I just think about sleeping and having some spare time to read, watch movies or go to trainings. Hopefully, February is almost here guys!

This booties came home the last time I surfed the Internet for some pre-sales. This dotty black and white ones came from Kling, a brand I discovered last time I went to Madrid and which has this cute, pink atmosphere but has really unique clothing. They have this super high heel, but still are really comfortable and easy to walk in, so maybe they will come with me to College someday. This really reminds me of the "How to wear: ankle boots" post and I would like to know if you followed some of the tips there to wear your booties this season! Leave your link to your picture, post or blog wearing ankle boots and spread the word.

What would you pair this booties with?

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