Fashion illustration: Dolce Gabbana SS14 Campaign

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Since I ended classes I haven't stopped at all doing things. I've been designing things, going out, sleeping (of course) and drawing. I even bought a new hardcover notebook, full of watercolor paper for holidays where I would be able to draw non-stop stuff different than buildings, schemes and façades.

One of the things I really wanted to start on was fashion illustration, and as Dolce & Gabbana have became one of my favorite references ever talking to clothing (their use of textures, shapes, and the topics chosen on every of their collections are pure delight) I decided it would be a nice start to choose one of their advertising campaigns as references. Specifically, one of their Women's 2014 Season, as every of their advertisements look like movie vignettes: not only they're super colorful and stylish, but they also include lots of characters moving, doing things, having curious gestures and expressions. You can see the original image below.

Do you also draw? Or do some fashion illustration? What are your hobbies during holidays?

dolce and gabbana advertising campaign ss14 2014, valencia fashion blogger something fashion, womens italy fashion dG

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