5 things I've learned studying Architecture (and you should be doing RIGHT NOW!)

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I entered the Valencia Technical School of Architecture five years ago, aiming to change the world, design spectacular buildings and without any specific route to follow, both in my career or my personal life. I just wanted everything to flow. To everything get into place at the right time and moment. But, what I didn't know is that nothing flows and nothing comes to you out of nothing. I didn't know I would have to work my ass out so, so hard to pass exams, obtain enough grades to apply for grants and academic programs and that this Grade, at the very end would change my life and my point of view about life in general so slowly but steadily. Life's a challenge we must overcome. Five years later into this, there are some useful things I've learned thanks to studying Architecture, and that I think will be very useful for you although you aren't even interested on technical or design stuff. There we go!

1. Differentiate yourself. Don't be a number
Distinguish yourself from the crowd. You are the best in being you, with your own opinions and point of view in things. Talk and expose what you think, give ideas, don't be ashamed! If anything, I've learned that being different and not a sheep in the flock is the key to be a high value in anything you are into. For example, this blog is one of the very few Spanish fashion blogs written in English, which might be different, but is an added value as it's something that makes it unique.

2. Always carry your notebook with you
It doesn't have to be a huge 42 x 30 notebook with expensive 120gr watercolor paper. Or even a Moleskine. I have two random spiral notebooks which are no bigger than a DIN-A5 and where I write everything when I'm on the go.

One has a thicker paper on which I can draw or paint with markers, and which I mostly use for class projects and work revisions. The other one has a thinner paper and it's where I write everything I come up with talking about the blog: interview ideas or candidates, outfit combinations, posting times... Once you get used to writing down everything, you'll live happier, I promise. You won't lose track of your ideas anymore. You might even find yourself having an inspiration boost!

things learnt studying Architecture, motivational inspiring college advice, somethingfashion university

3. Get moving. Do things. Get involved in everything
I didn't know the importance of being literally everywhere when I started studying Architecture. But it is. Get yourself out of the box and get to know the people surrounding you and what they're up to. Get involved in your community, your neighborhood, your school or class committee. Be willing to know new things and help others as best as you can.

During this five years, I've got the chance to know how the School I study at works, and thanks to getting involved and being interested I've got the chance on participating on amazing things there, whether they're related to festivals and other students initiatives, to being an active member of the University Student's council. Every chance is a nice way to get out of your comfort zone or meet new people, to learn even the slightest skill as being diplomatic as hell with people I don't get on with, or deal with paperwork I didn't even know existed.

things learnt studying Architecture, motivational inspiring college advice, somethingfashion university

4. Gather with people who think differently than you do. Create synergies
During this five years of university, I've met all sorts of people. Nice people. Nasty people. Inspiring people. People I've got the luck to cherish not only as friends but also as amazing professionals with outstanding ideas. Amazing teachers and professors, and not as great ones.

But, if there's something I've learned from all these people surrounding me is that every one of them is different, and if I've had the chance on working on amazing projects or having crazy ideas which eventually turned real is thanks to those who think differently than me. Who has a completely 180-degree view on things and are not afraid to share it. People who thank that different view helped me be more open-minded, and not to take anything for granted. And that's something I really think you should embrace!

things learnt studying Architecture, motivational inspiring college advice, somethingfashion university

5. Go out and meet for some drinks. Even if you don't like beer
Whenever I'm meeting my friends, I feel like at the lottery of life I got gifted with the most Viking ones of them all, as they love to spend whole evenings chatting around a table of emptied beer bottles and a bowl with snacks. And sometimes, I have the feeling like that best ideas are the ones which came out of those informal meetings grabbing a couple of beers at the nearest pub (okay, I'm not a beer drinker but I like sweet mead. Looks like I'm the most Viking one after all). Unexpected ideas. Crazy ideas. But all of them as great as the one before that.

It's as if everything flowed on those moments. Hours pass and you get to talk about so many things! Time to go back to #2 and grab your notebook, isn't it?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful learning experience story here. I hope your advice may will help students very much.


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