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I can't believe it's been already a week at the bellissima Firenze! I never told you about our crazy flight due to cancellations to our home abroad, but I think that's an issue for another post maybe coming soon. Meanwhile, I wanted to make a Fall fashion wishlist with that might be a nice idea having in anyone's closet for living here in Italy, or even traveling to cold weather Europe. So, today I'm partnering with Zaful to bring you some cold-weather-proof, cozy fashion items to wear to Firenze (or anywhere with a harsh Fall season).

First of all, let me tell you about the florentine style and the reasons behind so many stylish people around here, for what I've seen and my humble experience in these few days. Firenze is known for its quality leather, for being home of renowned Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo among others, for being a cultural capital for centuries and always in vogue of the latest trends either talking about fashion, architecture or any kind of thing, actually. Maybe it's not as big as Milano is, but for me, this city has the perfect balance between heritage, craftsmanship and love for things done in the best way in a very medium sized spot. Firenze is perfect on its own way, although what I've been told is that its Autumn Season's are not so perfect. Cold temperatures, humidity all around and rain anywhere you go makes the perfect cocktail for staying stylish while cozy and classy without standing out the crowd a lot. Blending with the oh-so-stylish italians is key to avoid unwanted gazes, pickpockets and street vendors, and that is possible with the help of Zaful team in today's post!

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Seriously guys, I left a week ago a city where temperatures were summery and super warm, to get to a place near the same Mediterranean Sea where temperatures had dropped off and weather is all cloudy and rainy hour after hour. So, that makes me wonder how cold and crispy and windy it may get soon, and when I should be asking my mum to send a package of sweaters, bomber jackets, cozy blazers and pants all the way to Firenze. Italy isn't a place for showy pants, even if they're black shorts! Besides, it is quite chilly in Winter, so better be prepared for freezing temperatures and some good abbigliamento alla italiana.

Also, if you are planning on visiting Firenze, or any place of Italy soon, I recommend you to get the best of your plain colors and neutral toned fashion pieces. Everything comes together when putting on a lot of layers!

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It is said that here in Europe we usually wear quite conservatively. I don't really know if that's 100% true or not, but if there's something I wear a lot it is shawls and scarves. Not only because it is compulsory to have your shoulders covered in almost any historical building and monuments (specially churches like the Duomo and San Lorenzo here in Firenze) but also because they come in handy when wearing layers if the weather suddenly changes. Also, italians love to accessorize subtly! I put on my suitcase for this year abroad in Italy 4 to 5 of my best shawls and scarves, from cozier, woolen ones, to lighter ones to throw on my shoulders in our morning walks to the Uni.

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Firenze is known for literally eating your shoes. Seriously guys, this cobblestoned, narrow streets not only kill my feet anywhere I go, but also destroy every pair of shoes I've been putting on since I arrived. Florentine women are super brave to sport those ah-mazing heels and sandals in this hostile atmosphere. I still don't feel brave enough to wear my high-heels around but, still, what I wouldn't miss in my Fall in Italy fashion wishlist is a couple of cool, trendy sneakers (yes, locals wear them too, and in the most unexpected ways) to rock any cobblestoned streets.

And so, what may be your fashion wish list for a Fall in Firenze/Italy/Europe? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Love your fall picks! That camel coat is beautiful!

    1. Hi Laura!
      I'm dying over that coat as well *-*

      Thanks for your comment,


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