How to wear: Blazers everywhere!

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First of all, you must know that I don't have an objective opinion about these kind of jackets, because I'm a totally addict for them!
I think it's a garment every girl should have on its closet (and boys too! Remember that blazers on its begginings, were exclussively for men). Almost one in black, or two of them in different colors.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I have about ten or twelve blazers: in black, in white, with patterns, colors... It's kind of a collection for me. But I use them a lot, no kidding. That's why I love them: they give your outfit a little masculine touch, but they put the chic and comfy sparkle on whatever you wear them with.

This type of jacket will always get you out of trouble. You can wear them with skirts, jeans, short or long, in winter with scarfs and cute hats, or in summer if it gets a little cloudy or cold. Like Olivia Palermo's outfits (above): she wears them a lot, and not only with high heels. That's the other point with them: you can wear a blazer with flats or ankle boots without looking like a clown if you know a little bit how to combine them!

(Flats and jeans. Elegant but wearable!)

Do you want the comfy but cool outfit for back to school? Wear them with stripes, jeans and boots or flats. You will look very girly and trendy, because these season they're coming again!

Don't you love how these guys wear them? I really like Jedward's clothing style: fun but classy. I think the blazer with white shirt and tie or bow looks like you're going to work to an office. But, look at their sneakers! I've worn blazers with jeans or skinny pants and then, Converse All Star or sneakers, and the outfit looks really good!

So, what do you think about these trend which is going to rule the streetstyle? Do you wear them everyday or almost every day, with what? Do you like them plain or with patterns, on soft or sparkling colorrs??

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7 comentarios

  1. Exactamente, es una prenda que le da un cambio completo al look ;)

    Un beso!

  2. i LOVE blazers, i really love the top pink one you showed. i'm looking to buy a berry coloured one for autumn.
    faye xo

  3. I love blazers ~~ esp the bf blazers when they are slightly more loose fit :)

    Cute pick!
    Please check out my blog & Follow :) Will follow back ~




  4. This is an amazing collection of blazers!! Always good to have several in your wardrobe - we love the pink one!!

    Great blog, we're following on GFC!

    JS xx

  5. Blazers polish off just about any look :)

  6. ventas películas
    I love blazers. And I love those colors.


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