Last sale shooping... And some new season stuff!

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Here's some sale bargain I've found on this crazy last days of sales. I love to look around in almost any shop, but the best bragains are usually on Zara, or H&M. You must look very, very hard, because usually there aren't all the sizes or the colors you're looking for. For years I've found very, very cute things at the last days. All you have to do is be patient, and try on every single thing you find. You'd be surprised...
Do you want to know what I found yesterday? Here are the pieces!

ZARA polka-dot blouse. Was 25,99€, sale 5,99€

ZARA black basic skirt with buttons (perfect for the ''back to school''!). Was 29,95€, sale 5,99€ 

And this is my favourite pick, no doubt. I'd seen it on lots of places I've been (even on another cities) but I didn't try it, even I really liked it. I couldn't understand why a dress like this was on the sales hanger, and in all sizes!! Incredible. So, I only have to fix the sleeves, but, it's awesome!
ZARA dress. Was 60€, sale 5,99€
(No kidding!!)

And, these are the new season picks I've bought. As you know, I really like lace things. I was also looking for a long pleated skirt, because I saw one I really liked on June-July, but I didn't find it anymore. So, here are:

H&M light pink skirt (I know, it looks like white). 24,95€
It isn't actually pleated, but anyway, it's long (goes below the knee) and fits very, very well.

Hollister white lace blouse. I love the pocket on it, and the fact that it's not transparent, because it has another layer under the lace. I don't remember the price D:

Hollister lace tank top. First I really thought it looked like a nightdress, but it fits quite well too, and I didn't have anything like this, so, could be useful to wear it with a blazer over it, or something.

So... What do you think?? Have you found anything interesting on the last sales? Or are you buying new season items?

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  1. oh i love end of season sales! haha i just did a post about how im avoiding them at the momment though and am going for second hand shopping now.


    shop style conquer

  2. Love all your new clothes! I haven't taken advantage of any sales yet though of course I could give you a fall wish list a mile long.


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