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Some people have been asking me if I could ever show some pictures of my closet, because they would love seeing the organization on it, etc.
Well, you must know I'm a totally mess with this kind of things, although I try to put the things in order, but is too difficult for me. So, I hope you won't be afraid of it!

(OMG, plushies everywhere. I must throw some...)

Okay, so, first of all, you must know that I actually have two closets and clothes everywhere you can think about. The space on my room is quite limited, so, I had to put another closet in front of my bed, because I couldn't keep all my clothes on only one and some drawers. Above, there's the closet which has all my dresses and part of my skirts, also my sport clothes (I have my fencing training tees and shorts there!) and some shoes.
I have also some drawers under my bed, and above it, more shoes!

(On the right door there are sweaters, pyjamas and mostly winter clothes. On the bottom drawers, jeans and trousers)

And here are the bulk of my dresses. I have all of them organised by colours, because I've tried with another ''organizational criteria'' and this is the only one which seems to work. At the right, my blouses and shirts, then skirts at the end, and above all, some bags and boxes with pairs of trainers (I use them too much!).

(At the bottom, boxes with boots, and my fencing trainers)

This is the other closet, when I keep only jackets and blazers. This part is the left bottom of the closet, when I've put all the big, long or leather jackets. Also, there are some pairs of shoes down.

And here's the top of the closet, where you can see all the jackets and blazers, organised by colours too. At the left, some hoodies. On the right bottom, drawers when I put tank tops, tees, and more sport stuff. At the top, big bags and backpacks.

So... How do you organise your closet? Do you still know how to put all the stuff you have on it, or you only have gone crazy with it? Do you have a wardrobe for your own, or you share it with anybody?

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  1. Plushies are great :)

  2. awww your wardrobe is awesome! super jealous!


  3. Wow, two closet. I usually starting folding clothing after a while just to make it all fit. and shoes take up so much space. :)

  4. Thanks for your nice comment! The pictures were taken in Vienna, my hometown :)


  5. heey!

    i gave you a blog award!
    check it out:

    it was given to me by another blogger and i decided to pass it on to you!




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