Exams are coming... Again!

1:28 PM

(Blazer: Ralph Lauren; Boots: Camper; Jeans: Levi's)

Hi everyone!

So, you already know: I've been very busy. It's almost May, and I'm starting my last exams which, if I pass them succesfully, would get me the passport to University next year.
You know what I mean: study, study, study. But hopefully, I will finish the first exams this week.

Also, I've been having fencing competitions. I won some of them! Well, third position on some competitions on my city, Valencia, and third position on a more important competition! :D I'm very glad. Here you can see some pictures (yes, and also, you'll see me wearing tracksuit, which is something unusual!)

Finally, the picture you can see above is the latest outfit I've uploaded to LB.nu. It's an outfit I wore some weeks, maybe a month ago, when it was still cold outside. But I didn't have time to put it on the profile. Soon I'll be uploading new spring and summer outfits. Just give me a month, and I'll be free of school and homework!!

Now, here are some fencing pictures!

(I'm the second on the left. The other lovely girls are some of my friends on the club)

(Let's find Amanda! Can you see me?)

And that's all by the moment. See ya next week!

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