Zara flower skirt

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Do you remember Tuesday's post where I showed you this box which came from Zara online? Well, today I'm going to show you what I bought there.
Firstly, I must say that this was the first time I bought something online on Zara or a big online shop like that. I wasn't very sure about that, because I didn't know very well how I could return the items if they didn't fit, the payments... etc. But I think I succeed.

That's what I bought: the flower skirt. Do you like it? For me it was a totally crush when I saw it on the page. I looked for it on some stores on my city, but I only found one, smaller than the size I needed. So, I decided to order it, and send it to a store near my house. I received it on Tuesday, as I told you. Only one week!
I think now I'm going to buy things online more often. It's a great way to look for things you can't find near you, or more specific pieces.

I was wearing:

Zara floral skirt
Springfield sandals
Levi's jean jacket
Vintage bag

Do you know Kayture's blogger, Kristina Bazan, right? Well, I'm sure that if you know her, you already have seen her silver neck cuff choker:

I really liked it, so I looked for a similar one on the Internet (talking about shopping online...) and I found one, which will be here in about 20 days! :D

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