Exams period. Still alive!

6:47 PM

Student's life can be a little hard sometimes. Much more if you have to have good marks enough to go to University and to the studies you want there. That's why I've been studying very much.
Today I had one of my last more difficult exams: Physics. I'm studying Sciences Bachelorship on High School, because I want to become an Architect. So, today, I had the exam... It has lasted two hours, and seven sheets of paper...

But I haven't finished yet: I still have a Literature exam after tomorrow, and I'll start again in two weeks,
but, for now... Relax!

So... This afternoon I've been doing some ''spring cleaning'' on my closet. As the after tomorrow's exam is not very difficult. Today I focused on the organisation of my scarves, and this is what I found: lots of flags, again! Some of them where bought on my trip to the US, some of them are gifts from friends, family...

And also, the pants and jeans, which were on a total chaos... Look at that colours!!

This is something I received yesterday from Zara... Hmmm... What could it be??

(And my messy desk yesterday, while studying)

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