Guess 30 sexy years and inspired outfit

8:15 PM

Some days ago I entered on my account and I saw they were collaborating with GUESS, doing a contest for their 30 years. All you had to do is to upload an inspired picture of their black and white photos on their first campaigns.

Actually, you know I'm not from the US. On the contest instructions it says is only for US residents, but I saw lots of entries which don't come from there. So, anyway, I decided to enter.
I have some Guess items on my wardrobe, found on sales because they're much cheaper and affordable. Personally I think it's a brand which doesn't fit very much with my personality, they have some things I think are too sexy and rock inspired! I think I always go for the classic way... But I love their shoes, like this pump booties in black and white.

So, to show you my inspired outfit, I decided to make a very, VERY IMPROVISED shoot at home. Do you like my US mug? :D

For who don't know, Guess? was started by the Marciano brothers on 1980. They started designing jeans, and become popular with their campaigns with black and white pictures of celebrities like Claudia Schiffer, Drew Barrymore or Anna Nicole Smith.

So, what do you think about the pictures? Do you have stuff by Guess?

I was wearing:
Bennetton one shoulder dress
Guess by Marciano bracelet
Guess pumps
Gold necklace borrowe from my mum's closet

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4 comentarios

  1. I like your outfit, the way you look, your make-up, everything... But I think the background of your picture doesn't suit that style very well. It would even look better, if you could make a shot with a background that looks more like those in the Guess-campaign - something more vintage and classy.
    Wish you all the best for the contest!

    Mary Jane

  2. this is really cute. classy! :D


  3. You Look so glamorous on this picture. Loooks very good.

    p.s.: Great Blog


  4. Love your shoes, pretty!!! Gracias por pasarte por mi blog!! te he respondido en lo de Queen's!! Te sigo!!
    kiss kiss


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