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11:41 PM

Today I have finally received my order from Oasap.com: this fabulous dandelion blossom ring!

I was very excited from this order to arrive, because it's been the first purchase I have made on an online store with freebies they sent to me for becoming a fashion blogger for their brand. I hope this is only the beginning of a new stage of giveaways for all of you, collaborations with brands and new outfit posts!

Also, today I finally got my final grades. I'm already a BACHELOR GRADUATED and PRE-UNIVERSITY STUDENT! Now I must study very hard for the tests I'm having in 15 days, so I can enter to the Architecture School.

Because of all my today's happiness, I decided to wear the ring from Oasap, because it reminds me a flower, and the spring weather we're having here in Valencia, this flower patterned dress from Festa (don't think on the bad way: I do not only have flower dresses on my wardrobe, but I just love them!) with the Zara red heels which colour matches perfectly with the dress' and a green bag I borrowed from my mum's closet (again! But she has lovely bags and purses I always love to wear, you know...).
So, I will be here soon with more ''How to become...'' posts and tips (I'm already writing one of them) and outfit pictures. But, as always, I have some questions for you...

Have you ever purchased something fashion on the Internet? Have you ever bought something on Oasap or sites like this? How was your experience? Do you work as a fashion blogger for someone?

(One of my last Technical Drawing projects)

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9 comentarios

  1. Love the pictures! You look beautiful! :)

  2. i love the ring!!! it is so unique and it's perfect for summer!!
    good luck on your tests!!


  3. You've put together a really nice outfit. And your new ring is really beautiful!

    Mary Jane

  4. cute floral dress


  5. the ring is so pretty but i am absolutely in love with your dress its so cute!
    nice blog :)


  6. El vestido es precioso, nos encanta como lo has combinado :)


  7. Hi Amanda! I love your ring and your heels so so beautiful! Congratulations on becoming a pre-university student! That's so exciting. You're studying architecture? You must be really smart!

    I usually buy a lot of my clothes from online store, mostly from ASOS, Topshop and Zara. xoxoxoo


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