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You know you want to become an expert fashionista. You are a blogger, a student, or a woman who wants to look cool and stylish without spending all your money on it. Almost are over the world we are suffering from economical crisis, and of course, we are not able to buy that Burberry bag or an YSL dress anymore (before the crisis, I couldnt too). We also have to save money in our fashion garments. Want to know how to do it? Be aware of this tips:

1. Basics are your best friends

Investing on basic garments could be one of the best things you could do to not spend all your budget on clothes. Why? Because they are garments you can mix and combine with almost anything, with plain colors and no patterns mostly, it doesnt matter for winter or summer. Also, they usually are quite cheap.

My advice is: buy a pair or two of jeans, some sleeveless and tank tops in plain colors (black and white could be the most popular), a pair of flats in black or brown

2. Be careful with trends

Trends are quite good and fantastic when discovering new ways to express yourself when wearing clothes. But be very careful with them. When a different trend starts, items can increase their cost only because its something popular on that moment and everybody wants it.

3. Compare

Are you absolutely in love with that Birkin Bag of Hermés, but you cannot afford it? Look for a cheap version. Also, when looking for different garments compare within different brands, prices and stores too. Youll be surprised about how much can change prices. Also, I reccommend to take a look on local stores near home, instead of going to huge department stores. They have amazing clothes too, and usually much cheaper!

4. Thrift and go to your nearest vintage/second hand stores

Thrifting is a good idea for saving money on your fashion shopping. Vintage and second hand stores are great ideas too, because in some of them you can exchange your old clothes, or stuff you dont use anymore, for ‘’new ‘’and other used things. I also love thrifting and spend full mornings in vintage second hand stores, because they usually have unique things and stuff  you would not be able to see on department stores. Look at some things I have found on second hand stores...

5. Look on the Internet

Therere lots of amazing fashion online shops with budget prices. Most of them have coupons and discount codes you can use when registering or when you are like a VIP buyer. I really like  It has tons of different clothes, for any shapes, with colorful and amazing designs. They also offer free shipping worldwide, it doesnt matter what you order and from where. Other stores like, or are nice choices to buy good quality stuff without spending all your money.

6. Collaborate with brands

As a fashion blogger, I usually receive free clothes for making pictures or reviewing them. I don't like on accepting any collaboration I'm proposed, I only work with brands I'll really buy or try their items if they didn't ask me to. But collaborating with brands is a nice way to start a closet rehab.

7. Borrow your friends clothes. Or change stuff with them

I’m sure you have a very good friend who doesn’t use her clothes anymore, maybe because she doesn’t like them, she did a closet reorganization, or because these garments doesn’t fit her anymore. Talk with her, and ask if you could borrow her clothes, of if she gives them to you.
8. Take a look on your mum/grannys closet, and rescue some vintage stuff

I did it some months ago, and I found an amazing vintage wedding dress (above). I usually borrow my mum’s stuff too, because she has tons of bags I like, or that she doesn’t use anymore… I also do that with jewelry, and she has lots of amazing pieces, specially for parties and special events which she lends to me. Ask your mum, I’m sure she’ll help you.

9. Organize your closet

This could sound obvious, but it’s really not than obvious. You’re going to a party. You need a clutch. I’m sure you know you have an amazing one, but you don’t know where it is, or if the dog has eaten it… Let’s go and buy another clutch? NO! It’s time to open your closet and do research there!

Having your closet organized it’s the best way to know what you have and if you can use and wear it, or if you need to buy something making sure you won’t have two items duplicated.

10. Recycle and DIY

You’ll see there are lots of bloggers everywhere only focused on DIY who post crafts and ideas on their blogs. Take a look on their sites, and because I know you have done the step before and found lots of things you don’t wear anymore… Revamp them! Cut out that old shirt sleeves, put fringes on this boring bag… And tadah! You have an almost new thing to wear and show on your outfit pictures. I made myself that US stars and stripes shorts, and also the clutch!

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  3. wwwwwwwwwwoooowwwwwwwww very nice tips! No, very essencial tips!!!! I love thrift stores and my other suffers with me (I'm always taking something of her wardrobe)!!!


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  7. Nice post, it is about the value you add to your clothes not how much your clothes are....
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