What's in my bag?

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1. Rayban Wayfarer sunnies // 2. UK flag notebook case // 3. Sony white headphones // 4. Notebook and pen // 5. Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick ''Gabrielle'' // 6. Michael Kors ''JetSet'' tote bag // 7. Penguin LG L5 case // 8. Muji card holder // 9. Wallet

I don't travel as much as I would love to. But I must confess I'm a lucky girl to be out of home from time to time. Maybe I don't go super far away or for a long time, but I'm that kind of person who loves just staying three or four days out of her ''usual habitat''. Get to discover new places, people, and learn how to take care of yourself.

So, whenever I leave home I always carry with me ''the essential kit'' for surviving. As the beauty tag post  was well received, I want you to take a sneak peak of my life when traveling...

What do you carry with you on your bag?

1. Sunglasses. Some say when you have darker eyes, you're less sensitive to sunlight. Anyway it really feels uncomfortable for me to see nothing on a sunny day. When traveling, I usually take only the most basic pair I have: my Wayfarers, although sometimes I like changing too.

2. Notebook Laptop. I would LOVE to carry everywhere with me my MacBook Pro, but it's so heavy! I won this tiny and light laptop on a contest some years ago and it's very useful to manage the basics: Internet, reading ebooks or blogging on-the-go.

3. Headphones. I used to have a pair of pink earphones for the daily routine which didn't need so much space on my bag as this one's. But this are much comfortable to wear, and also don't hurt my ears as much as the others did. So, diadem headphones are a win-win!

4. Notebook and pens. I like to take notes or even draw when I visit a new place. I also draw while on the car or the bus, or the train... You don't know when an amazing idea will POP! on your mind, so it's nice to have this kit always with you.

5. Lipstick. It might change the color, but I always try to carry one. My lips tend to dry a lot during the day and if I don't put some lipstick on them, they'll end peeling (and it hurts!). Plus it doesn't look very nice when you have half of your lips unpainted because you had lunch, right?

6. The bag. Huge bags ALWAYS. Or tinier ones but carrying extra bags (you know: the camera and the wallet, and the lipstick...). They end up like a total mess and you'll end losing your nerves because you find nothing on the inside but... Aren't they comfortable?

7. The phone. Whether if it's for relatives, friends or an emergency, I must be always easy to locate. Also, it's a nice way to stay tuned at social networks and share my adventures on-the-go. Isn't the penguin case cute?

8. Card holder. You don't know when or where you can find someone interested on the blog and my task here! That's why I always take with me a bunch of Something Fashion's business cards.

9. Wallet. Passport, credit cards and other documentation as well as some cash.

10. Other basics. Tissues, adhesive bandages, a little perfume sample or even a measure tap! You don't really know when you're going to need it until that moment arrives...

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  1. Enhorabuena por el blog, mucho mas que moda. Desde ahora blog referencia.
    Un saludo, de tendencias en la pasarela

    1. Hola Ana María,
      me alegro muchísimo de que te haya gustado mi blog, y de que de ahora en adelante esté en tu ''watchlist'', me hace muy feliz! :)
      Un saludo, nos leemos!


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