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I don't know who said that "an image is worth a thousand words" but, whoever said it was right. I don't know about you, but I'm a very visual person. My mind works more with images than words. I'm used to dealing with graphics, signals, colors every day in my life. So, when I was working on this post I thought the right thing to do to get the best results possible was to make a comparison chart, something similar to a "Do's and don'ts" of fashion blogging. Because I know some of you have just started your own fashion (or not fashion at all, but a lifestyle, beauty or just random topic) blog and are full of doubts. I've already talked about "How not to lose motivation when fashion blogging" and some things I've experienced in my almost 6-year freelance fashion blogging career.

So today, I wanted to make a really quick exercise of self-criticism, not only for you but also for me and this blog. Looking at this chart below, I hope you can tick some of the practices best and most famous fashion bloggers do, and if not, just start working hard to get some of the goals done before the end of this year. Only for the record, let's make clear that the "regular" column doesn't mean you're doing things the wrong way! But, if you want to stand out of the ordinary and have the best fashion blog ever, you'll have to focus on things like caring a lot for your template design and branding, have a nice photography and keep working hard. Always!

Which column is your blog at? Are you regular, or the best blogger out there?

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