Mercatino della Belle Epoque in Firenze - Tips on staying fashionable while strolling any European city

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I know from (oh magical) stats that many of you come mainly from across the Atlantic Ocean and many other places across the globe. Those of us who where born and have breathed Europe for all of our lives (although is no big deal actually), know a little bit what's like to visit crowded historical centers, battle with ancient floorings no matter sunny or rainy (hi, my beloved clobberstones!) and entering mesmerizing churches without being kicked out because of dress code (which happened to me, eventually, some years ago).

So, today I wanted to show you along with this pictures we shot last week at the Mercatino della Belle Epoque here in Firenze some useful tips that may apply to what to wear when traveling to any European city and, if not being identified as a tourist at least, help you blend in with locals a bit easily. Trust me! It only took me a week to be taken by an actual fiorentine and, you'll get extra points if you try referring to people in Italian! I feel like this post took me ages to put together, but I hope you like it and you get some inspiration for your next trip to Europe.

"You might be a tourist, but you don’t have to look like one"

Avoid flashy jewelry
Sparkly necklaces and huge earrings say out loud "Rob me! I'm a tourist!". Italian women, as French, keep it super super with their jewelry. For them, it's only necessary to wear a couple of rings and a minimalist necklace or a pair of pearls in their ears to look classy and neat. I personally like to match more striking jewelry as a pair of statement earrings with a couple of less flashy necklaces or none at all.

Comfortable shoes doesn't always mean sports sneakers
Avoid wearing sports sneakers and any kind of sports gear if you don't want to be spot as a tourist in Europe. People in Italy always look super put together and classy but effortless without even thinking about pairing a pair of sneakers with anything. Instead, when heading to Europe try shoes as ballerinas, low heeled booties or leather Oxford shoes with laces. They come in different models and lots of different fits and materials, and are super comfortable to rock cobblestoned street as well.

Avoid shorts and tank tops if possible
In any European city full of churches and religious places which require what they call an "appropriate dress code" and covering up, shorts and tanks tops are a big no-no. Even in Summer. I used to wear a lot of these when I was younger, but now, even if I'm not religious and not entering churches in a daily basis, I changed my shorts and showy tops for flowy maxi dresses, palazzo pants and blouses.

Flip-flops? No way you can walk on those!
Cobblestoned streets are a serious thing that may cause serious harm to your feet. Even walking through them in regular shoes, it's been times that I've stepped wrong and I've been close to an ankle twist. So, flip-flops are a big no-no as well. You can't expect having your feet secured properly and consistently, without even mentioning the dirt and feet chafers you might get wearing those for long hours in any European city. Get a pair of proper shoes, and leave flip-flops for the swimming pool!

Limit how much skin you show
I'll never get tired of saying this: in Europe, we mostly wear conservative clothing. I just don't know why, because although not being religious at all, it's like the common thing to do. Of course, it always depends in many things but mostly, we don't like to show a lot of skin. Even when it's not chilly at all, we usually wear in a daily basis scarves or light blazers (at least in Spain, however it depends a bit where you are based), maybe because the weather is quite crazy around here and you might get surprised by a sudden storm or anything. You never know!

My advice here is always covering up a little bit; choosing long or medium jeans over shorts, and short sleeved T-shirts over tank tops. Bikinis and swimsuits are OK as long as you are heading to the beach or the pool, but not everywhere else!

Gym clothes are for the gym
Unless you're fully equipped to run a marathon or train around your next destination, gym clothes have a purpose, and that's to serve well in the gym! As you might have noticed, here in Europe we have kind of  an obsession with keeping sorted our clothing categories each of them in their own situation. Even for going for a quick grocery shopping or to the baker's shop, is not so usual to see someone in their sweatpants. Well, it happens sometimes. But it isn't a regular thing to be seen.

Instead, we always go for a pair of comfortable jeans or boyfriend jeans, the pair of not-so-dressy shoes and a T-shirt or simple sweater. Keeping it basic while in Europe!

Backpacks or tote bags?
I personally think huge backpacks, although super comfortable and useful, are for school or college. I can't deny I've already worn them in a couple of times here in Italy, as a matter of commodity to carry with me all the stuff I usually carry in every trip, even day trips! Plus, those backpacks are an absolute burden when entering the many museums and main attractions Europe has, as you'll usually have to store them and leave everything locked down on a separate room when visiting anything.

So, my advice here is, if you're planning any trip through Europe, carry with you a small backpack or comfortable handbag on where you can keep everything that you might need (portable umbrella? My go-to. Scarve, notebook, card holder and pouch, even the photocamera...) but still it doesn't bother your way through a new place.

And I think that's all for today folks! Do you agree in this tips for traveling fashionably to Europe? Are there some you'd like to add to the list? Do tell me in the comment box below!

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I was wearing:

H&M long sleeve dress
Louis Vuitton red scarf
The Monster booties
Karen Millen Sparkly bag
Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies

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something fashion blogger influencer streetstyle firenze spain italianbloggers erasmus student hm dress what to wear_06

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  1. This is such a classy outfit, particularly love your warming scarf to go along with the dress you're wearing.

    You look gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Laura xo

  2. That's a lovely dress, and I love the red scarf with your outfit for a bit of colour!

    Great style tips too! I'll keep them in mind when I'm travelling :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend! We are getting our family Santa photo done tomorrow, gotta get a move on with my Christmas cards, haha! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. the whole set looks wonderful;)

  4. love love the dress!
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎


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