7 basic clothing pieces your closet abroad should definitely have

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Packing for a whole course abroad is difficult and nerve-wracking enough to start figuring out the thousand situations in which you'll have to wear that coat or if you'll ever wear your high heeled shoes. If you also add the stress of dealing with baggage limit present in all low-cost European airlines, you'll probably end up with a headache for at least a couple of months prior leaving to your next destination.

Instead of that, do as I did and not only plan ahead of time (seriously guys: it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to figure out a year full of different situations and events in just three days) but also get some versatile pieces for your closet abroad to be flexible, chic and ready to rock any cobblestoned streets you might find in your way!

#1 A huge, warm envolvent scarf. Or maybe a couple of them

I will never stop counting the many perks of carrying with you a huge scarf. Plus points if it's made of wool or anything cozy to keep warm in freezing European Winter. Scarves are amazing pieces to carry on your luggage for your year abroad, because you can pair them up with anything, use them to cover up when visiting some monuments, wear them in different ways as turban or to tie up your hair in a ponytail. I already showed you some ways to sport your shawl or envolvent scarf at the Something Fashion x Louve de Nordneg collaboration we shot a couple of years ago, check it out!

something fashion blogger erasmus fashion pack luggage Europe living abroad

#2 Walking shoes that don't do any harm to your feet
And nope, when I say walking shoes I'm not referring to sneakers or sport shoes necessarily! Walking shoes can be low heeled booties, a pair of velcro sneakers with thick sole and jewelery attached or a pair of flats. Here, I must confess that I totally screwed it carrying too many flat ballerinas which aren't comfortable enough to walk through italian streets, as they get in between the cobblestones and sometimes they flip. In that case, now my favorite pair of walking shoes to stroll Firenze are Zaful's rhinestone slip-ons and the rain booties I purchased at Bata.

#3 That perfect coat that goes with everything
European winters are, like, the worst thing ever. I came to Italy from a coastal city which has this microclimate with temperatures not going below the 9ºC near January, and where you can sport easily a medium coat and a pullover without freezing. Now, I'm living in a city near the hills, upper in the map referring to Valencia and where people has adapted to cold in an amazing, super stylish way, sporting fur coats and super cozy pieces worth any catwalk.

So, my advice here for your closet abroad is that, except if you're traveling to the tropic, bring a warm but light coat (you don't want to exceed the weight limit in your baggage!) in a neutral color, like light brown, military green, black or grey. This way, you can wear it in different ways only changing your hairstyle and accessories!

#4 Huge bag to carry whatever no matter where you are
My Noé bucket bag is my absolute go-to when I don't want to carry around my huge school bag where I usually carry the laptop and all the university stuff. It is big enough to carry a few necessary things when living abroad and going for daytrips, as a portable umbrella, my wallet, a couple packs of paper kerchiefs, smartphone and so on ("what's in my bag living in Italy edition" anyone? I can see it already).

If I were you, I would take with you one or two medium to big sized bags comfortable enough to carry around, but still with enough spare space to store those things you'll need any moment or in any possible emergency.

#5 Jeans. Lots of jeans, actually
Jeans are always a great idea! Although they aren't made of the coziest fabric, you can always pair them up with lots of upper layers to stay warm while traveling and living abroad. Scarves, longer coats, furry boots... Jeans are super versatile and useful to stroll around comfortably in a low-maintenance key outfit, because jeans are super easy-peasy to wash, quick drying and they don't usually need ironing! Put at least a couple of them in your carry-on for your next trip. You can't be wrong.

something fashion blogger erasmus fashion pack luggage Europe living abroad

#6 Classy and neutral dress
When living abroad you'll be likely to go out. Like, a lot. Or, if not actually going out, but you'll get invited to places, like dinners and parties at other abroad student flats or you'll even get the chance to organize your own! My advice here is staying classy and find a dress as a little black dress which allows you to wear lots of different layers both underneath or over it, as well as doing the pertinent Season change. Pick something that doesn't have any super thick fabric, but not something too thin or see-through (you don't want to freeze, remember?). The key here is being able to wear your dress in as many occassions as possible doing minor changes and accessorizing differently.

#7 The white shirt
If I'd had to pack again for my year in Italy, I would pick at least a couple of white shirts again. Over, and over again: it's a basic piece that my closet abroad couldn't miss. Be it an interview (I'm having my first job interview abroad next week on a studio, and this white shirt will come in quite handy for sure!) or for a more formal event which doesn't require dressing too much (as a presentation, any kind of congress, meet-up, party... Whatever!) a white shirt is always a nice piece to take with you.

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