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So, I already came back to classes and give homework, and drawing like a crazy thing. I'm having some exams very, very soon, so I won't be able to post as much as I did on Christmas holidays. However, I took hundreds of pictures during those days, and I still have many outfits and exiting ideas to show you (I'm thinking about doing a sort of ''round up'' of bloggers showing their style, and featuring them here. What do you think?). I'll be posting and writting about them when my exam weeks finish.

OK. A brief description of the outfit and so on. As you know, I ''discovered'' Karen Millen's designs not long ago just because some items caught my atention because they were on sale. Some of those items were  the sparckling bag and this B&W dress, which seemed to be too small/classy/I don't really know. I really liked it at first sight, and I was a very lucky girl trying it out and checking that it really suited (seems made for girls with a small waist, but the skirt's shape doesn't attract attention to hips. Perfect!).
I also think the details are delicate and very polished: the straps and roundneck with that bow/twisted piece, the belt, the lining and seams... Definitely: that kind of bargain you're always proud to have found.







I was wearing:

Black and white Karen Millen dress
Zara red bag
BeLoved white coat
H&M black pumps




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2 comentarios

  1. Es un vestido precioso!!! :)
    Lo veo genial! Y te quedaba de maravilla!
    También acertaste con el peinado y con el maquillaje!
    Muchos besos guapa!

    Lucia Gallego Blog

  2. This is such a pretty dress Amanda! :) You look great! Oh by the way, just re-hyped the looks I did hype before already hehe. Not sure but sometimes lookbook really gets cranky! :)

    Stay cool at school my dear!

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    Clothingloves.com Black & White Ensemble and Winners of my 1st Blog Giveaway!
    ...and congrats to my 1st Blog Giveaway Winners

    ❤ ~Chai


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