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Today I'm not going to show you a new outfit. I'm going to tell you how to create it. I think one of the reasons I write this blog is to inspire other people and try to help them with their fashion issues. Who hasn't ever stood in front of the closet and start thinking... ''What do I wear today?''?

So, because of that, I really wanted to make a ''quick, easy and illustrated guide'' on ''HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT OUTFIT''. Here we go!
  • You can mix&match clothes following some of this guidelines by event/season:
    • By event: are you going for a walk to the park, or are you going to the cinema for a date? There are some specific pieces for each occasion. Sure you won't wear a pair of high heels for the park, and going to a date maybe requires a more formal dressing. Ex:

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    • By season: is it winter or summer? Is it cold outside? Is an awesome idea to put a beautiful, party gown if it's freezing outside and you are only going to do a quick photoshoot. But be careful if you don't want to catch cold! Ex:

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  • There's also an useful tip I use a lot: chose a main piece and build your outfit around it. It doesn't matter if it's a pair of shoes, a piece of jewelry or a bag. Pick one item, and try to mix clothes together so they don't attract as much attention as the main piece does. Can you guess the main piece on the outfits below?

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  • Color-centrism: this is similar to the ''main piece tip''. Chose a principal color, and combine it with other pieces on neutral colors. I don't usually like to mix different shades of the same color. Remember: with bright colors, black and white for the win!

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  • By mood: when picking my outfits before going out, I really enjoy switching on some music depending on my daily mood, and start looking around the closet and see what matches my humor. How to match your mood? Think about colors and patterns! Do you feel happy and fun today? Try on some bright colors. Feeling classy and serious? Black and white are a must!

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  • Rules were made to be broken. I consider myself as a very methodical girl, so I usually like to follow some rules even when matching my outfits (someone told me once, ''never wear more than five colors on the same outfit'', and since then, I've realized that this rule really works for me, so I never break it). However, sometimes is great to experiment and have fun with clothes too. Mix textures and patterns, combine jewelry...

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    And what about you? Do you have any tip when mixing and creating an outfit?

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