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Weather has gone mad. Believe it or not, I've spent this last month wearing summer and strap dresses, and then, in middle February almost March, temperatures have fallen at least 10ºC. So when I was about to take out my bikini and summer hat, I had to drastically change my plans and get my coats out from the wardrobe. I love to wear bright colors on winter, it really looks very eye-catching on the mostly grey and mist ambient.

As this past week was strangely quiet respect to my homework and ''Archi-to-do-list'' I decided to take an afternoon off, go out downtown and enjoy a hot chocolate, shot some pictures and visit some of my favorite local stores, including vintage and traditional shops around my neighborhood. As the cold weather has returned, I wanted to visit ''Guantes Camps'', one of my favorite shops when comes to gloves and vintage-looking hats. Got there this leather and crochet mittens (loved the mix of materials and the combination of black and white/light cream on them) and two pair of long gloves for a cocktail gown.

The outfit I chose for this afternoon out of home with freezing temperatures is very similar to the outfits I wear to University: comfy and simple but very personal. Yes, the heels are included, fortunately they don't hurt at all and are awesome for walking around!





I was wearing:

Zendra black leggings
Zara black bag and jersey
Vintage flower earrings and fur gloves
Black heels from AUSTRIA36
Red coat from El Corte Inglés (old)






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  1. Love your purse! Wish we could have coffee and pastries together because it looks delicious on the picture;)
    Catherine xo


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