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This days make me a bit angry, specially when it comes to clothing. In the morning the sun is always there, and the breeze is soft, so there's no problem to go out with a pair of light trousers and a cool blazer. But then arrives the evening/night, and I become crazy: no light clothes, just my scarf, gloves and coat. So, I never know what I should wear. Will it be cold? Will it be warm?

When I'm having this kind of ''temperature fashion issues'' I always follow this rule: become an onion. Really. Basically, chose one great piece and start putting layers and layers of jackets and vests. Last night I decided to wear this long sleeved peplum dress, in case it wasn't too cold, and specially a great choice when it comes to stay inside. For the outerwear, this long pink coat I've been having on my closet for some years. Downside, I'm not able to wear it without heels: it's too long, and I'm at risk of looking like a pink elf.

And finally. Great news! Before the domain purchase, I've taken another big leap: business cards for the blog! I think this kind of things make the blogging task quite professional and gives the blog a serious touch, isn't it? It was so easy to order: I made my own design with PS and then took them to my nearest stationer's shop. It's also very useful, because when someone asks me for the site, I don't have to spell the name anymore *laughs*

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I was wearing:

Elogy peplum dress
Easy Wear pink coat
AUSTRIA36 heels
Zara golden clutch
Fallera cuff from local store

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