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March 18, 2013

Vintage advice for single ladies

 photo tips1_zps805c8085.png

Seems like on the 40's the most stylish and wonderful woman was that single lady who didn't talk in front of her conquest, didn't drink too much or even wore a bra! This pictures will show you what you were supposed to do in a 1930-40 date if you wanted to get the man.
Fashion is also about society and culture, and while it's helped by them to be built, fashion also helps itself to define society. It's a feedback, so because of that, it's great to know what has happened before.

These pictures are a good example of how society changes over the years, and a good way to look back, but, have we actually changed so much?

What do you think? Are this pictures too old fashioned, or there's something girls still should do on their dates?

 photo tips2_zps8a07f28c.png

 photo tips3_zps4b2d43b4.png

 photo tips4_zps86291a2c.png

 photo tips5_zpsd9c7782f.png

 photo tips6_zps0366832a.png

 photo tips7_zpsa2e71d65.png

 photo tips8_zpse5397729.png

 photo tips9_zps460bd2dd.png

 photo tips10_zps8fc7ad2b.png

 photo tips11_zpsb2803718.png

 photo tips12_zps8eb87ade.png

 photo tips13_zps9ab18c56.png



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