Not for a picnic day

7:30 PM


Vichy pattern really reminds me of lovely childhood dresses, picnic and countryside. With polka dots and tartan fabrics, I consider these the TOP 3 of my favorite and most classy patterns in clothing that have ever existed.

Specifically, I like this fabric because besides being very light, there is a lot of variations of colors and shapes. You can wear it on a knot or cropped blouse, on a bow like an accesorie, on your shoes... Sometimes I like to take some ribbon with this cute pattern and start creating and devising crazy DIY projects that will rarely see the light. I like the old touch that the earrings and dress shape add to this outfit, but  at the same time balanced with the sunnies and sandals, much more modern.

Okay, and finally you might be wondering... Why that orange/californian look to the pictures? Well, I'm currently super-obsessed with Michael Kors shootings, with that sunny, warm colored blur on the pictures, and I did my best to edit the pictures and make them similar... I think there's still lots of practise for me to do that...

Today we're attending to Hotel Astoria Palace in Valencia to YOUNIQUE.ES ONLINE SHOP launching event, from 8PM to 11:30PM. Come say hi and enjoy with us!

(Image from







I'm not very much into neon colors, but these little cuties totally caught my fashionista heart. Neon heels... Yay or nay?

I was wearing:

Caramelo dress
Zara red hangbag
Pierre Cardin wedges
Calvin Klein sunnies
Vintage flower earrings

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