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Last Thursday, Valencia's Astoria Palace hosted YOUNIQUE.ES website launch event. As always, I attended to tell you later the most exciting news on the fashion scene around here. Younique concept is simple, and it's something that I've been losing my mind for lately: emerging and new designers.

The event was about having fun while meeting the designers (all of them showing really handmade collections, created piece by piece and very limited!) and their products, fashion bloggers and friends while having some cocktails, taking pictures and enjoying a catwalk with some models around posing with the designs. It was the second time I had the chance to attend one of this fashion events, but it was really fun and truly inspiring for me.

About the outfit... Okay, I might be have gone nuts with those neon heels. They're very difficult to combine with almost any garment, basically because they only look ''coherent'' with black or maybe white things. But I think these shoes really add that cool, vibrant look to any LBD.



Flipflops and jewelry from Hawaii Custom. I loved how colorful were their designs, and how delicate they looked with so many crystals and colored stones.


Gabrielos designs of hand painted sneakers amazed me. Not only because I used to paint my own shoes and sneakers too when I was younger, which make me realize how much work and hours they needed, but also because all the details on the paintings, which made the shoes look like high art pieces.



When we arrived we had the chance to taste some tea biscuit lollipops from El sabor de los recuerdos. Delicious!

(Charlie, from GLAMOUR NARCOTICO Such a pleasure to meet him and other bloggers around Valencia!)

Model wearing Natta Design tassel necklace and Ethic Rose white dress.

SIO2 crystal jewelry

I was wearing:

Formul@ Joven neon heels
United Colors of Benetton LBD dress
Karen Millen bag
Vintage bracelets

Fibres headpieces are just breathtaking. I liked them because they reminded me architecture, complicated shapes in some buildings I know from my classes touched with flowers and feathers. Cool!


Special thanks to Cristina, who took most of the pictures. I'll hire you as my professional blogger photographer! :D

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